Obama Voters Identified

October/27/2008 21:07PM
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Who is going to elect Senator Obama President of the United States? Some 50% plus in approximately 17 states. These are the states he is expected to carry to get the 270 electoral votes he needs.

Let’s examine some of  those 17 states. First, Illinois, Obama’s home state. Happens to be mine for most of the year too. Things are going very well here in Illinois. Homicides in Chicago are 433, not counting Jennifer Hudson’s Mom, brother, and nephew last weekend. So far we have lost 221 in Iraq during the same period. Maybe Obama wants to bring the troops home from Iraq and use them in Chicago. Sales tax is 10.25% in Cook County, highest in the nation. State pension fund is $44 billion in debt. Chicago schools are worst in the country. Did Bush do this? No, we only have Democrats here in Illinois: Obama, Daly, Durbin, and Jesse Jackson Jr. to name a few. Things are going so well here it’s no wonder the citizens of Illinois want to put a Democrat in the White House. And, one who has brought so many good things to Illinois. Remember, Illinois has the Cubs. They believe every year that the Cubs will win the world series. Maybe that explains why they will go for Obama.  

Let’s turn to Michigan. It’s another state run by Democrats. It’s my home state. The unions have destroyed Michigan. So, let’s expand the Democratic control so they can bring card check, more union control, and more misery to all the states. In a few years all 50 states can be as bad as Michigan. All major cities can be as bad as Detroit.

California. The Gov tried to grab $7 billion from the Federal bailout. The state is broke. The businesses are moving out and the wealthy are going too. Let’s be like California. 

New York. The governor, an African American Democrat, is actually trying to cut government spending since it has gone up over 100% in the last 10 years. The mayor wants to change the term limits so he can run the city, since it, too, is going broke. Wall Street won’t be the financial hub of the world anymore.Let’s be more like New York.

Minnesota. Jesse Ventura was a governor. Now Al Franken, a comedian, will be a senator. Need I say more. They found it takes more than a village to build a bridge.

Massachusetts. They are trying to get tax reform on the ballot. People are fleeing the state since taxes are so high and jobs are so scarce.  The African American governor is one of Obama’s best friends outside Ayers and Wright. He pledged all kinds of things and has done nothing. Maybe that would be a good thing. Guess he didn’t have Pelosi and Reid. 

Oregon and New Jersey. Neither state has approved self serve gasoline yet. Let’s see that trend started 30 years ago. But, Oregon will let Dr. Kevorkian operate there legally. You and your dog can both go get the blue needle, but you can’t fill up your own car on the way. You might start a fire. 

Washington state. Boeing is out on strike. Airlines are going broke. Air travel is down. Let’s go on strike. If you don’t vote for Obama there Bill Gates will find out and fire you. 

So, these are the good Americans who will bring us Obama for the next four years. When you look at it, it almost looks like revenge. Or, envy. Or both. We’ve got it really bad, and you don’t, so we will fix it so we all have it really bad. Makes us feel better.

Pretty sad isn’t it. The people who have screwed up their states are now going to do it to the whole country.Makes me want to move out of Illinois.

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