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October/20/2008 0:30AM
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Once again, in Arizona, I get to the see the media frustrated. Unlike the sure victory they will get with Obama, they are losing again with Sheriff Joe. The media here absolutely hates the famous Maricopa Country Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. 

I’ve been here 8 days and the attacks on Joe are relentless. Every local news program has a feature negative expose about Joe. The local paper blasts him every day. It’s the reverse of Barack Obama. Joe is running for election again this November. Will he be reelected despite the incredible number of negative assaults from all forms of media. No question, Joe will probably be reelected by a margin of 75%. How can that be?

Joe has an approval rating of 85% despite the constant media attacks. To quote Joe: “I don’t work for the governor, the mayor, or the media, I work for the people.” Joe does what 85% of the public want a sheriff to do. Unfortunately, 99% of the media are in that 15% who disapprove. Joe has proven that once you get the public’s trust, you can ignore the media. What a great place for an elected official to be.

Isn’t this just a microcosm of the national situation? For Obama: 99% of national media, against Palin 99% of the national media. For offshore drilling 80% of the public. Against it 99% of the national media. 

How does an elected official get to  the Teflon place where Sheriff Joe is today? I guess that politician has to get the results like Joe has. If that happens, the public will support that person and protect him or her from any onslaught the media can lay on them. 

It takes thick skin and lots of guts to face what Joe faces day in and day out. He gets his strokes from the final election tally in November, and it must be nice to thumb your nose at the people who truly believe they can bring anyone down. 

Hillary Clinton found it’s tough when the media dump you for a newer model. Bush and Cheney get no peace. Sarah Palin has been trashed from day one. Poor old Joe the Plumber even got burned. The only untouchable I have seen in many years is Sheriff Joe. God Bless you Joe, we need 600 more of you right now. In Washington working for the people like you do. Not for the media, special interests, or to get rich in office. Joe’s a Republican and he will still get 75% of the vote. Go figure.  

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