Hi I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help You

October/30/2008 23:01PM
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 If you think we have too many regulations and too much government intrusion now, just wait.

Once we get a new tax it never goes away. When we get a new regulation, it never goes away.

Regulation piled on regulation just during my lifetime has just about taken away most of my freedoms. What else do you expect elected officials to do? Aren’t they called lawmakers? That’s what they do. 

The new president wants to do even more for us.

What has all of this done to make us safer? Ask the 435 people who have been murdered in Chicago so far this year. And, Chicago has gun control. 

Sarbanes-Oxley was to keep us from having another Enron. What happened? Worse. We have a Fannie and Freddie right under the government’s nose. Under their control actually. But, they blame the current crisis on lack of regulation.

Laws of physics. For each reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Loosen the credit at Freddie and Fannie and you get more mortgages with people who could not pay. When they don’t pay, you have a lot of bad paper spread all over the world. 

What have excessive regulations done to our country? Increased government jobs. Eliminated offshore drilling. Destroyed the auto industry. Caused corn prices to go up. Etc, etc.

Who does worse than the government when it comes to running anything? Post office, social security, Amtrak, you name it. Why should they run the country? Most major cities have gone to a city manager concept. Why? Mayors can’t do it.

Let’s just turn back the clock. Call the president King like they do in the United Kingdom. Let him or her do kingly things. Hire a CEO. Have the CEO pick a board of directors. Run the country like a business.

I believe Obama is the best I’ve ever seen in reading what’s on the teleprompter. That’s what he can do as king. The CEO and the board can write stuff to put on the teleprompter. The king can read it. After all, who will write the stuff to put on the teleprompter when he’s president? He has 400 people doing it now. How many will it take when he’s president? Is there other work he may have to do? Probably, but all he’s even done is read the teleprompter. When he has to do presidential work how will he do that? 

More government, bigger government, more government jobs, more regulations, more taxes to support all this. Australia is looking better. The PM told the Muslims to leave if they don’t like the Australian customs. 

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