Hearings on Elected Officials

October/07/2008 19:21PM
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The great Washington sport, congressional hearings is on again this week. Blame game. Let’s drag the CEO’s of Lehman and AIG in and show viewers how tough we can be. It’s the old, Big Oil CEO’s and Enron CEO’s game again. When does the public get to see Barney Frank and Chris Dodd grilled on the credit crisis? Never, that’s when. 

I knew a gentleman from California who ran a Ponzi Scheme. It was a big one. Based on the money his victims claimed they lost, it may  have been a much as $12MM at it’s peak. He committed suicide when the money coming in the front door was not enough to keep the interest payments going out the back door.This man was CEO of a small company and a member of Riviera CC and Chairman of the Senior Tour Open Tournament one year. He did the Ponzi for ego. The money went to bad investments. It was crashing down and he knew he was facing friends he had bilked out of millions of dollars and sure jail time. 

Someone explain to me why this is different than the game our elected officials are running on us with Social Security. They tap the fund for other uses which is embezzlement. They know the people paying in the front door will never receive a dime, since those of us who are tapping it now will dry it up in a few years. Am I missing something or is this a Ponzi Scheme? Will the people running the game be exposed to embarrassment or jail time? No. No suicides here, except the poor people who might need the money 10 years from now when it’s gone.

As citizens, we have to get mad enough to stop this. Barney Frank had a sexual relationship with a high ranking employee of Fannie Mae at the same time he was loosening the reins to create the slack needed for this credit mess. He was assuring the public along with Dodd and Schumer earlier this year that all was well with Freddie and Fannie. How is that different from the Lehman situation?

No accountability for elected officials. Total accountability for the private sector. Why do politicians all lie to us, ’cause they can. We expect it. Look at Obama and Ayres. Obama says he was just a guy from the neighborhood. Hardly knew the guy. Go to : http://hotair.com/archives/2008/10/07/cnn-obamas-lying-about-william-ayers/ and see for yourself. Biden says in the debate that he talked to Joey that week at a diner. Named the diner. The diner he named has been closed for 10 years. We all get facts and numbers mixed up and that’s expected. But, to say you talked to Joey at a diner that’s been closed for 10 years is just flat out lying. Lie about the little things, lie about the big things. But, should any citizen lie to the Feds like Martha Stewart did and you go to prison. Why is Obama’s lie important? Because he was using the $50 million to teach kids radical politics. If we are going to elect a radical president, we need to know that.

Let’s stop letting the guilty beat up on the guilty. Let’s demand the elected guilty get their time in the chair and have a panel of citizens question them. People who have lost some of the $2 trillion in retirement funds old Barney and Chris have lost them. Too bad we can’t use the thumbs up or down and let the lions loose.     

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