From a Little ACORN Big Bailouts Grow

October/02/2008 1:26AM
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Google ACORN. It’s an acronym for blackmail. Basically, the way it has worked is to exert undue influence on banks to give mortgages to minorities who can’t afford them. Obama has been very active in ACORN. It’s considered a community organization group. Sound familiar? Who better to train community organizers to blackmail banks than a  community organizer?

Why would the banks comply? ACORN threatened them with lawsuits. Discrimination lawsuits. Boycotts. The Jessie Jackson program. We’ve all see it. It’s how Jessie’s son got a Budweiser distributorship. Still, it didn’t hurt the banks since they laid all the bad loans off on Freddie and Fannie. 

Is this on the front page of your paper? Of course not. It’s the grease that turned the wheel that made the machine go faster and faster and further and further out of control. It meshed with the dreams of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to change the American Dream to include owning a house. They forced Freddie and Fannie to do their bidding. They got benefits. Special deals on their mortgages and big political donations.

Getting these big government sponsored insurers to crank up the process would not have gotten the banks to do really dumb things. They needed ACORN. 

ACORN was the sales group. They went to the streets and got the job done there. They pushed the banks to do the deals.

Will there be an ENRON type of investigation of ACORN? Of course not. This is dirt on Obama’s shoes. No chance of getting this aired before November.

ACORN’s mischief is not done. They are up to their ears in election fraud mischief in Ohio and other places. 

Finally I know what a community organizer does.

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