Do Your Part to Help Mainstream Media Go Broke

October/26/2008 3:43AM
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It’s time for patriotic work. You don’t even have to get off the couch to do your part. You can vote with your remote.  Mainstream media is going broke. The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, all losing money. NBC is bleeding red ink. ABC is close behind. CBS prime time is doing better, but the news is worse. Viewers 18-49 do not watch network programs nor read major newspapers. If we over 49  don’t want to be spun, tune them out. They will be left with the left wing liberals over 49. Might be a small market to divide up between all of them.

CNN is buying into the deal. They want to fight for the left wing liberal viewer over 49. Last week,  an interviewer on CNN misstates an article from a conservative publication in an interview with Sarah Palin and the network makes no apology. The author of the article is criticizing mainstream media for being unfair to Palin, calling her a moron, etc. The person interviewing Palin says the author of the article is calling Palin is a moron and says she is hurting the ticket. This is blatant lying. What kind of country is this becoming?

Oliver Stone produces W and no one goes to see it. Is Hollywood in the business of making money or making propaganda? Who takes the bath on W?

Mainstream media is going to get Obama elected. Then, they are all going to go broke. With your help, of course. An outside rating agency says Obama has three times the exposure as McCain and 80% are positive. McCain’s are 75% negative. Hard to say what this is worth in the polls, 5% maybe.

Where do you get your news? Where is fairness? I don’t want all conservative news, I want balanced news. If we can’t get good investigative journalism anymore, why have journalism at all?

To me, only Fox News and the Wall Street Journal is all I need right now. Add the Internet and let me pick the news I choose to read on the net and I’m good to go.

So, here’s my pledge. I will do my level best to help mainstream news go broke. It’s the least I can do for my kids, my grand kids, and my country. It’s broken and it needs to start over fresh. New people at the top, new people at the bottom.

Every university that has a school of journalism should be embarrassed. Actually, every university should be be embarrassed period, since they send all of our kids out in the world with their ideology damaged. No prayer in the schools, no politics there either. How does Uof I Chicago get off having Bill Ayers teach his politics to students? Teach your lessons and shut up. If you can’t be happy doing that, run for office. e 

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