Debate Disgusted Americans

October/09/2008 1:02AM
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Last night’s debate was a loser for both candidates and for Tom Brokow, but most of all, it was a heartache for a great many Americans. 

Feedback on much of the media today established the disenchantment of viewers with the performance of both candidates. They just don’t get it. The house is on fire and the candidates are spectators. That cold hard fact hit home. Many Americans got up today with the belief that neither candidate is the right choice for the problems this country is facing. Tossing around Teflon words doesn’t work anymore. Lying to the public is not acceptable. Dodging accountability and protecting the culprits in your party by blaming the other party is passe.

Today a new gloom fell over many of us. Reality set in and we know we are doomed to a long hard period of personal suffering. No options are out there.

In the past two weeks our government has destroyed capitalism in America. Our government is now the largest investment bank in the world. Our government is now the largest commercial bank in the world and making loans directly to corporations. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd made the big decisions that cost Americans $2 trillion in retirement funds and they will go Scott free and be reelected. Al Franken, a marginal comedian, will be the next Democratic senator from Minnesota. From rack to ruin. Both parties had a hand in creating the chaos. Meanwhile, both candidates highlight how much more taxpayer money they will spend. Both candidates are strongly in favor of cap and trade. This will be the biggest tax ever put on Americans. We don’t have money to spend. We are broke.

Teflon words are making us mad. We want the unvarnished truth. We want someone to tell us they may not have all the answers for fixing the economy, but in words we can understand, promise they understand we have a big problem and pledge to do the right things to fix it. The idea that home ownership is a right got us in this mess. Obama says health care is a right. If we can’t afford it, how do we do it?

I want to do the right thing in Iraq. But, we should only do what we can afford to do. Until we have a leader who says this country is on the verge of bankruptcy and must stop making promises we can’t afford. Until we have a leader who says we must fix our energy problem before we solve the world’s climate problem, we are in big trouble. Until someone puts the future of our country above their party, their personal wealth, and the next campaign, we will stay in the trough. 

If you want proof that your grandchildren will not have the same life in America that your children had, just go back and think about the debate. Just think about the $2 trillion in retirement funds we have lost in the past month. It isn’t over yet. Just think about the equity in your home. The average is down 30%. Just think about a government with Obama as president, Harry Reid leading the senate and Nancy Pelosi the house with big Democratic majorities and no checks and balances. 

If you have a good job, have paid your mortgage, and are holding on to a job that may or may not go away, you are going to be asked to help the good citizens of this country who have not done any of those things. You will bail out the scoundrels on Wall Street who pulled billions of dollars out of the mortgage mess, you will be asked to save AIG while they have $400,000 parties for executives, you will be asked to cut back on Christmas gifts for your kids, get another year out of the old car, and you will be asked to pay for some one’s health insurance. It’s just the beginning. Whatever estate you put together will be taken from your children by your government.

Will the government do a good job of running your health care? Medicare fraud in Miami is up over 1000% this year. What does government do well? Amtrak? This is a record year for passengers and they need $13 billion for next year. Sell it, I say. 

Will the stock market turn around when the capital gains tax goes to 40%  and dividend income goes to regular income tax levels?That money will go to people who don’t pay any income tax in the form of a $5000 rebate. 

We are in a passel of trouble and it’s going to be a long hard road. Until we really get mad, it will just get worse. 

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Comment (1)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    That One, is the guy who no buddy truly knows nor the Liberal Media is willing to talk about, that One, is the most Liberal Senator in Congress, that One, is the one who does not want any of us to know who his past friends are, that One, is the one we can’t seem to get information on how or who paid for his education, that One, reminds me of a sleeper agent who was placed here to destroy us, that One, is same guy who helped finance and get Acorn started, who are now being investigated for election fraud, that One, is the same guy who has many of you acting deaf and dumb over his liberalism, Marxist believes and his attempt to get America to be a Socialist Nation.

    It’s time we expose Barack Hussein Obama for what he is and how he plans to destroy our Civil Liberties and our Country. Despite what you read or hear from the Liberal media and Obama’s campaign spinners, this election is not over until all the votes are counted.

    McCain is finally getting enough flack from the conservatives and believe you will begin to see him step up his attacks on Obama’s past and will expose him and those who created the market crash. Although McCain has not taken advantage of Obama during the last 2 debates, I’m predicting the final debate will be when McCain lets loose and finally changes the game. He and Palin have started exposing Obama at recent campaign stops and interviews and this will continue to raise the questions of who is Obama?

    There is no doubt this country is totally out of control, but I am confident that this too will pass. No, it won’t be easy and no, it won’t happen over night, but I know the American people are pissed off and will not take it anymore.

    We the People can change this country and get rid of those who have destroyed it. We can no longer allow ourselves to give our trust to those who have failed us. We are to blame for not paying attention and taking action against our congressional leaders who have not listened to us and have done nothing for years.

    We need to clean house and can start by using your vote on November 4th by voting them out of office. We deserve and expect Government change.

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