United States of Entitlements

September/28/2008 20:35PM
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Greed didn’t cause the financial crisis. Lack of regulation didn’t cause it either. Plainly and simply, it was caused by the big national problem, entitlement.

Barney Frank and the boys believe that every American is entitled to own their own house. Doesn’t matter if you have a job, or the prospects of one ,or any assets. You deserve to own your home. So they gave Freddie and Fannie a big nudge. Make it happen. Since Barney and Chris ran Freddie and Fannie, they made it happen. 

Entitlements don’t stop there.

Every environmental zealot believes they are entitled to stop any and all energy effort in this country. Refineries, offshore. ANWAR, coal, solar, nuclear, wind, or hydro. Stop them all. Every one that starts get a lawsuit. That will tie it up for 5 years. Buy a few congressman. That will help. 

Anyone has the right to enter the U.S., front door or back. You are entitled to live here. Whether you pay taxes or not. Dredge up Ellis Island and let’ s all shed a tear. 

Kids are entitled to pass in school. No one flunks. In sports now, everyone is entitled to play, especially if Dad is the coach. You are doubly entitled. When you are out in softball, you don’t have to leave the field, that might be too embarrassing. You are entitled to never fail and never be embarrassed.  

Every farmer is entitled to government support. That includes ethanol. A net energy loss fuel that keep the crop prices up. Plus set asides and anything else we can grab under the entitlement program. Have Hollywood make another movie about the Snerds, third generation farmers being put off their land by the bank, let’s all shed another tear.

Every low life pervert and even the people who caused 9/11 are entitled to a good defense. The ACLU will be there to protect all of their entitlements. Let’s show the innocent man who finally got out after 20 years. Not the one who got out and killed four people, the other one. Let’s all shed a tear.

The United Nations is entitled to everything from the United States of Entitlements. We build them a new building. We let the treat us with disdain. We pay most of the bills. They are entitled.

Countries around the world are entitled to cash from America. They hate us but they don’t hesitate to ask for our money. They are entitled.

Everyone is entitled to a good education. If your property taxes are $12,000 a year you should expect a decent education for the children in your community. But, the people who pay no property taxes want the same education for their children in their communities. How does that work? You either pay more or some of your tax money goes to their community. That may mean your kids don’t get such a good education but it’s fair , they are entitled to the same education for their kids every though they pay nothing. 

Everyone is entitled to health care. Especially those who were entitled to come here illegally. How can we do that? Simple, it’s just like the education. You pay a lot of money for your insurance, they pay none. But, you each get the same health care. You see, everyone is entitled to that. 

U.S. auto manufacturers are entitled to succeed. They can have a non-competitive cost structure due to the unions. They can be poorly run No matter. The Democratic congress is beholden to the UAW, hence we slip in a little $25 billion loan program the same week we slip in a little$700 billion plan for the banks and it’s hardly noticed. 

Every country in the world is entitled to protection from the United States. Iraq and Israel, for example. South Vietnam, South Korea, and Bosnia and Kosovo. All are entitled. If your son or daughter has to die to provide that, it’s OK, those countries are entitled. See how grateful France remains for what we did for them? See how Vietnam fell apart and communism spread all over the world after we left?

Every citizen is entitled to food stamps, welfare, aid for dependent children and all the help our government can give. Working is not necessary.

Convicts and prisoners are entitled to lots of things. Unless they happen to be in the custody of Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa Country Arizona. In that case they are only entitled to have a tent, a cot, $3 a day spent on them for meals, and the demand that they pick up trash on the road regardless of the temperature. Less entitlements there. Fewer choose to do the crime in that county. If you happen to be here illegally, you go to a tent until INS picks you up. 

Labor unions are entitled to destroy our competitiveness in the world. Card check will expand that to more and more businesses. 

Who has no entitlements. The successful corporation. The successful family. Anyone who did it the old fashioned way, earned it. Someone has to pay for all this, and those some-one’s are you. If you do too well you will be hit with a windfall profits tax if you are a corporation or a tax increase if you are an individual. Both are moving out of states that embrace this and moving to places like Texas and Florida. Goodbye California and New York. Eventually, goodbye America.

What do all of these entitlements add up to for the country? Broke, that’s what. We can’t do it all, but we are doing it anyway and we have obligations that now add to the total asset value of every household in America. You think we can’t go broke as a country, you are dead wrong. Just put Barack in office. He wants to add to this list of entitlements. How about paying back the African Americans for what someone did to them 200 years ago? Where does it end? Broke, that’ s where.  

It ends with my grandchildren and yours living in a tiny apartment in a large city fighting for every scrap. With no money, there are no entitlements any more. You are only entitled to what you can take or steal or beg or borrow. That’s what life was like in Warsaw,Poland just 20 short years ago. I was there fifteen years ago and saw it for myself. Three generations living in an 800 square foot apartment. If we don’t get our act together this is where we are headed. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Congress will be voting on the $700b bailout of Wall Street today, but lets be clear. Although all of the talk is about Wall Street and how they sold us down the river, let us not forget who supported and encouraged Fanny and Freddy to give out all of the bad loans to those who could not afford it. Barney Franks and the Democrats need to share in the blame, because they are the ones who voted against the reforms that John McCain warned us about a few years ago.

    I have sent letters to my Congressman and Senator urging them to not vote yes for the bailout. Although we have to do something to get our economy going, the current bailout proposal is not in our best interest. We must stop bailing out these companies that have made bad decisions and more importantly, we must not vote for those who supported and encouraged this to happen.

    If this Bill was so good, why didn’t the Democrats who control the House and Senate, go ahead and get it passed? They didn’t do it because they knew that if they did get the bill passed at the voters expense and it did not work, they would probably lose congressional seats in both houses and lose the power they have had over the past 2 years. It is more important to get elected than to do the right thing. It’s all about the politicians, not the voters.

    The Democrats needed the House Republicans to buy into the plan so if it doesn’t work, they would not get all of the blame. If it were up to me, I would have told the Republicans to vote no and hope they do, because this bill is totally wrong and puts the cost of this bill on us.

    Obama’s camp is confidently predicting a landslide victory over McCain on November 4th. I am still hopeful the American public will wise up and realize that we are not ready for Obamanomics, which will surely further drive our economy and country into the ground by trying to enact his socialistic ideology that goes against the believes we have held for over the past 230 years.

    We need to change and reform our government and get rid of those who are not acting in the interest of what the American Public want. It’s not about them, it’s about us, the American People and don’t forget that.

    We are all entitled to vote and must vote these elected officials out of office. Just look at what the market is doing this morning and it will give you a clue on what they think about the Bail Out.

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