Sarah Palin

September/01/2008 2:21AM
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What a great choice for McCain. She is everything Obama, Biden, and McCain are not. She is not tied to special interests. She understands our energy problem. She is not trying to run the world, just do the best she can for her family and the people who put their trust in her.

Obama’s version of change is: you must change. He knows what’s best for you and with your money and his big government he will deliver little but bigger government.  I, for one, find no need for this country to change. I just believe Washington needs to change. The conventions are a great example. It’s an archaic form of politics. Blowhards just party and strut their stuff for four days. Nothing is accomplished just like nothing gets done when they are at work. Obama has done no work in his entire life. When someone is elected a senator shouldn’t we expect him to go to work occasionally. He hasn’t. He’s been on a four year campaign. 

Biden and McCain are no better. All are beholden to special interests. None have your interests at heart. None will do what they say they will do.

Sarah is the change this country needs. We need another 600 just like her to replace all the elected officials in Washington. McCain, if elected because of Sarah, will be a one-termer. This sets Sarah up to run against Hillary. No contest. Hillary is worse than Obama, Biden, and McCain. She only cares about herself and the polls. She has no heart and no soul.

I do agree with Obama, we need change. We need to have Obama go back to be a community organizer, Biden to retire, McCain to train Sarah, and like  the rest of the losers we have in Washington to leave the building like Elvis. That’s the change we need. We need fresh people like Sarah to come in and bring new ideas and no baggage and roll up their sleeves and fix everything the departing losers have broken. 

Want to see Sarah’s position on energy go to This is the first person running for any office in this country in the last 25 years who gets it. If for no other reason, this should be enough to elect McCain. I expect her to turn him on ANWAR. She is a non-believer in Global Warming and cap and trade. We could actually have someone on the doorstep of the White House who could save us from ourselves by making us capable of running this country on all forms of energy rather than sit by and watch the tank go dry.

She reminds us that Biden voted against the Alaskan Pipeline 30 years ago. If we hadn’t gotten those billions of barrels of oil and all that natural gas out of Alaska the last 30 years where would we be? She politely calls Obama naive on energy matters. I would say Obama in beholden to radical environmentalists and just wants to be elected and could care less about our long-term energy problems. There will be someone to blame when the time comes. Why worry?

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Sarah Palin is definitely a breath of fresh air and one who has no connections with the Washington establishment. Some have quickly asked, “Is she ready to lead our country on day 1”? I happen to believe she is and can’t be any worse than Obama or Biden.

    Unfortunately, pundits are already going after her and will focus on her lack of experience concerning foreign affairs and because she has not been vetted by or approved by the liberal media. I am looking forward to seeing her in action.

    I hope we give her a chance to prove herself before the media and liberals try and destroy her, because I think she’ll surprise everyone and I believe she may be exactly what this country needs and is looking for.

    I believe we are ready for a gun carrying, moose hunting, hockey mom who knows how to use a gun and has her sights pointed directly at the congressional good old boys and is not afraid to say no to the Washington insiders and the special interest groups.

    Congress wanted to give her a bridge to know where, but she said no and said if she needed a bridge to know where, she’d build it herself.

    Give this Lady the Veto Pen that Congress has forgotten how to use.

    Bravo Sarah….You Go Girl….

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