Reduce Gasoline Demand

September/20/2008 17:00PM
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To every politician, it’s always delegate the problem to someone else. Not many will ever roll up the sleeves and pick up the broom and sweep in their own house. With gasoline demand, the media and the politicians want Detroit to fix the problem by fuel efficiency. The same big three who are begging them for help because they are going broke. Senator Warner has a brain fart about making us drive 55 again. Some jerk thinks that’s a good idea every week or so.

Let me dust off some ideas I have about demand. First, sell Amtrak. Washington, you need the money. If you were a corporation and spending like you’ve been spending–Iraq, Fannie, Freddie, Bear Sterns, etc. you would be looking for things to sell. Sell it. Someone will buy it and fix it. People will ride the trains if they go fast, travel on time, and make it easy to buy tickets. None of this exists today with Amtrak. Get more people out of cars and on trains. That will cut demand a lot. It will cost me nothing as a tax payer.

Next, pass laws requiring the traffic systems all over the country to be re-engineered. Cut red lights by 25-30%. Make highway construction go faster and with less down time for motorists. Don’t let the barrels go up until the work starts and make them come down when work isn’t going on. All red lights at night are flashing red.

Put requirements in place for all states to do traffic studies and set demand reduction requirements for the states and cities across the country. Ask your elected officials all across the country to do some real work and make it their patriotic duty. 

These are the things we pay you to do—think. Not just point at others to do, but do some yourselves. I have yet to hear any of these ideas proffered anywhere. Why, it means more work for the lazy-assed elected people at all levels in this country. Get to work or we will find people who will. Why do you think the country likes Sarah Palin. She went to work every day. Joe Biden is like a hurricane lots of wind and nothing but destruction. Obama is the king of bull shit. All hat no cattle. 

All of you get up off your asses and start doing.  

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