Proof of Media Bias

September/13/2008 1:31AM
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I won’t even get into the way the media has treated Sarah Palin since she entered the race. Nor, the fact that Obama and Democrats seem to be fixated on Sarah. The fear of a non-insider getting so much postive support from the American public has paralyzed their campaign. Makes you wonder what having five or six hundred of them running for office on both sides of the aisle would be like.How refreshing that would be.   Maybe, in Washington, experience is over rated. The media doesn’t want it, Washingon insiders don’t want it, and certainly Obama doesn’t want it.Maybe that makes it a positive asset.

To my point. In a brief time the media and the Democrats have dug into every aspect of Sarah Palin trying to cover her with dirt and destoy her momentum.

Obama, on the other hand, has not been vetted with due dilligence by the media. From 1981-1983 Obama lived and studied in New York at Columbia University. No one knows where he lived. Fox News interviewed 400 of his classmates and not one remembers him. His grades are not available. His senior essay is lost. He says he knew Abigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s national security advisor. Brzezinski says he never met Obama.

How did someone  who may have been a very poor student at Columbia get admitted to Harvard Law School? 

Obama says his years at Columbia were unremarkable. For someone who has mastered the art of making himself more remarkable than accomplishments suggest, don’t you believe the American public should know what Barack was up to during those 3 years? The media want us to know where Sarah buys grocieries, but wants no part of telling us what Obama’s years and achievements were while at Columbia.

He has 114 days of experience as a U.S. Senator. That’s how long he was a senator before he announced for the presidency and began campaigning. Most of what we know about the man is what he has told us. Let’s demand the media get busy and fill  some very big gaps in the Obama resume. 

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