Peter Roskam is Proud of Poor Judgment

September/27/2008 3:11AM
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My congressman, Peter Roskam, is out with a new campaign ad. He is very proud of his work to stop the $3 billion BP investment at the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana. Peter just lost my vote and any hope for further support from me. I cannot vote for anyone who panders to bad decisions for personal gain. 

The Whiting refinery is the main supply source for Peter’s District. The Explorer Pipeline which brings both crude oil and finished products from the Gulf Coast is full. There is no alternative supply option for Peter’s District.

BP, a company I do not respect announced they were going to spend $3 billion to build a coker at the Whiting refinery. This would allow the refinery to process Canadian crude oil which is going to be delivered from a new pipeline from Canada and would allow Illinois to be less dependent on foreign crude from countries that have threatened to cut off our supply. It would give Peter’s district a secure source of gasoline and heating oil from a friendly country. The Chicago Tribune jumped on this and announced BP was going to put sludge in Lake Michigan.

Typical reaction in our wonderful country. Instead of showing leadership and courage, Congressman Roskam along with Congressman Kirk and Senator Durbin and Mayor Daly saw a photo op. Anytime you can fight big oil, you get headlines. These great thinkers could have gone out and cut the ribbon on something we sorely need in the Chicago area. Can’t do that, it might be the right thing to do, but it might keep you from being re-elected.

BP had all the EPA permits for the project. Federal and State. No sludge was involved. The Tribune made a small mistake. Two pounds of mercury a year would go into the lake. Every time it rains 12 pounds goes in. Not from BP, but from other manufacturing in the area.

Congratulations guys, you stopped it. The refinery is 115 years old. BP could care less if they keep it. The media and people like Peter Roskam closed the Clark refinery in Blue Island with bad publicity over many years.If the BP refinery closes Chicago and the surrounding area will be suppied with 70% of the gasoline demand. No options. None. Gasoline will be $7 a gallon overnight. You like what’s going on in Texas and all the markets supplied by the Colonial pipeline up through Georgia and the Carolinas right now? Chicago would be just like that. Eventually the Colonial problem will get resolved but the Chicago problem would not. 

Peter is so very proud. His commercial tells you he protected your drinking water which is a blatant lie. What he did was made sure you may have big, big energy problems down the road. He stopped progress which is what elected officials do these days. He lacked the courage to buck the tide and tell you he didn’t accept the Tribune facts and accepted the fact that the EPA permits would not have been granted if there was any serious issue with pollutions from the project. He copped out and now he bragging about it. It’s his proudest accomplishment in his two years in Washington.

Gee, Peter, you seem like a nice fellow, but maybe it’s best if you come home and practice law. If you go back to Washington and BP doesn’t do the project and closes the refinery since they can’t process Canadian crude, I promise you I will run a copy of that ad of yours on UTube. When your constituents are in lines paying $10 for gasoline and heating oil, I will make sure you get full credit for your work. 

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Comments (4)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Sorry to hear that Roskam is proud that he has stopped BP, but based on what I continue to hear from those in BP, the $3b project is still moving forward despite his and Durbin’s attempts at getting it canceled. Perhaps you need to have another meeting with him, because it sounds like he has changed his views on a few things and has become just another congressman who is more worried about votes instead of doing the right thing.

    So far, my congressman, Judy Biggert, is still for drilling and is not against BP or is just saying what ever she has to say to get elected. She has also been in Washington with a number of Republicans House members trying to get the $700b bailout changed. I’m not sure where it will turn out, but at least we have some people who understand our government can not continue spending like they have an open check book.

    Newt is totally against the original bailout proposal, and I think his plan is much better and also hope that many of his suggestions get into the final bill.

    Both of your last two blogs were excellent reading and hope you continue your assaults on those who have no clue on how to solve our problems and who are just in it for the votes from the left.

  2. bill robertson says:

    Thanks Ken. I hope BP will do the project, but it’s been delayed up to two years now and a lot can happen betweem now and the project start date. All the majors may bail out of refining in the US. Wouldn’t that be great. Leave old facitities to no one who would want to invest to fix them.


  3. dupage voter says:

    It’s so funny how Roskam is trying to hide that he is a republican in all his ads and fliers. But he’s not fooling anybody.

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