Pelosi Tries to Stick it to America

September/23/2008 22:05PM
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Scamming. That’s what our elected officials do best. First, Pelosi shut down the last congressional session without allowing a vote on offshore drilling. When that sent Obama’s poll results into a nosedive, I’m sure the party had a little chat with Madame Pelosi. Being such an affable person she went right to work to fix the situation. Not to resolve the problem that 80% of the voting public want fixed, but to fix the problem for the hard core environmentalists who don’t want drilling. That’s the group she and most Democrats represent. Her resolution is to scam the 80% and appease the 1%. The 1% may represent 80% in her district where reality was burned out of the brain cells in the 60’s. Put a bill on the floor that says we will allow offshore drilling, but make it impossible to drill and hang some tax increases on the bill for good measure.

Here’s the essence of the bill. It would allow drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf, but it would have to be 100 or more miles offshore. Since it is too expensive to drill in these waters, no drilling will occur. Neat, eh? The Democrats get credit for passing a bill that will cause nothing to occur. Nothing is what has occurred since 1973. Let’s make a bad situation worse. The bill offers a 50 mile buffer zone around the country. This means we won’t drill where the economic oil is, ever. The bill adds $18 billion for renewable energy. This, as we have noted with Obama’s windfall profits tax proposal, will add deadbeats to the Federal payroll who are supposed to invent renewable energy. The bill mentions wind and solar and marine—what is marine energy?.  This is paid for by a windfall profit on the oil companies. The bill says they will have to renegotiate their leases we have already signed. Aren’t we a great country. Sign a contract and then stiff the lessees. Also, utilities must create 15% of their power from renewable sources by 2020. You can get a $5000 credit for buying a plug-in car. Or, you can run it on ethanol. The great form of energy our government created for us. The one that uses more energy than it adds and runs your food costs up so Archer Daniels Midland can give more of your money to politicians. 

So this is what you get from our elected officials today. Eighty percent asked to drill offshore. That means wherever there is oil to be found. The idea is to reduce the cost of gasoline and the dependence on foreign oil. What you get from Ms. Pelosi and her friends is no new oil. A windfall profits tax that will be passed on to you in the form of higher gasoline pirces to create new government jobs. A raise in offshore leases which will also be passed on to you. A raise in utility costs which will be passed on to you. It’s the scam we have been getting from congress for the past 30 years. If you were an executive and you sent a team off to solve a problem and they brought you back this solution you would fire them all. Not bad enough, but some so-called Republicans like Mark Kirk from Illinois voted for this bill. Want to see how your congressman voted, go to

If you want to hear one congressman tell it like it is on the house floor without a teleprompter or notes go to : What a difference.

As the dollar falls, since we plan to print $700 billion more of them to help with the bailouts, the dollar will drop and the oil price will rise. Your congress owes you more than to offer up a drilling ruse when you ask for true leadership. Until the Pelosi influence is gone, you will get none.

It’s your butt and that of your kids and grand-kids at stake. Better take action. Anyone who voted for this scam bill should never get another vote from anyone but one of the 1,000,000 rabid environmentalists who are indifferent to your future. 

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