Obama CEO of the World

September/06/2008 1:30AM
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As I analyze Obama’s plans for our country, I realize he wants to be the CEO of the World. 

Here’s why I say that.

He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, on corporations, through windfall profits taxes on the oil companies, on small businesses, on death taxes, on capital gains, and with cap and trade. What is he going to do with all this cash?

Here’s what he has said. He will create renewable energy with the money from windfall profits taxes. What, exactly, is renewable energy? Is it something the government knows about that no one else knows? Is it wind? Seems like Pickens is getting about that without Barack’s help. Who would you bet on, the billionaire or the community organizer? But, Barack is going to be the CEO of Renewable Energy. Probably be a government agency with a bigger budget than Homeland Security.  He says he will help the auto industry retool. He will be the CEO of Ford/GM/Chrysler. He will nationalize health care. He’s the CEO of all health care in the U.S.  All of this part-time, since he won’t be able to campaign for much except re-election, so he might actually  have to go to the office every day. Won’t that be unique? He wants to help the airline industry. He will be the CEO of aviation in America. The Democrats are already helping Fanny and Freddy since Schumer and Durbin put them in the tank. Barack will be CEO of the financial markets. He will redistribute huge amounts of money to the poor. He will be CEO of the redistribution of wealth in America. Busy man.

Seems like he just might get overextended. Who can do all this? Jack Welch was considered the most admired chief executive in America when he ran GE. Would he try to take on everything Barack is saying he will do? I think Jack felt he had his hands full running GE. He would have more wisdom than Obama. Perhaps more experience too. He would pass.

Barack wants to pull the world together in his spare time. At least that’s what he said in Germany.

I’m getting this bad picture of what hope and change really means for this country. Obama’s version means we will move to be like Europe as fast as he can move us there. As I recall, the UK was already there once before Thatcher tore it apart. Wasn’t British Airlines a nationalized company before Thatcher put it back in the private sector. Didn’t she break up the labor unions. Didn’t she reduce government influence? Didn’t the result of all this improve the economy of the UK? Why do we want to go back where they were once?

Barack has promised the labor unions he will bring card check to America. This will unionize Walmart and many other businesses. Do we think this will be good for anyone other than the labor unions who have run all the manufacturing businesses out of the country? Do we think it’s good for poor people who can buy more at Walmart to buy less since prices will be higher? Do we think it’s good to stop Walmart’s expansion? And, the jobs they create with that expansion. 

You want to have a community organizer running everything for you? If so, give your vote to the Marxist. If not,don’t. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    We only have 59 days left until Obama has to make that late night call to President Elect John McCain and congratulate him. At least that is how I am thinking the election will end. For those of you who are still sitting on the fence and trying to decide on whom to vote for, the choice for me is simple and very clear, it has to be McCain/Palin.

    When I was told by my doctors that my Cancer was terminal and that I needed to get my affairs in order, I said no and decided they were wrong. Like me, John McCain was also told by many that his run for the Whitehouse was over, but again like me, he’s a fighter and now he finds himself and Sarah Palin, only 59 days away from the Whitehouse. Like my cancer and the odds of survival, he has proven to me that he is the only choice to get our country going in the right direction. He has the track record, experience and the compassion to protect and serve the American People.

    He may not be an eloquent speaker like Obama, but he is a dedicated American who loves this country and a person who will fight for us. He does not care about the politics of the party or concerned about his popularity, because after all, he is 72 years old and is not trying to further his career. He has a proven career and all he wants to do today is turn Washington upside down and serve the American people.

    So for me, the choice is clear, I am voting for McCain/Palin.

  2. bill robertson says:

    bravo,Ken. Now, just get Ohio,Michigan, Florida, Minnesota, and one or two more states to agree and it’s over.


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