Obama Brings the Union Label

September/07/2008 2:01AM
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You can’t be a Marxist if you aren’t bought and paid for by labor unions. In addition to all the other tired old ideas Barack wants to bring back under the bait and switch label of change, giving the country back to the unions is near the top of his list. It’s right in back of the line behind welfare, his favorite idea. With welfare you don’t have to work at all to get money. With the union you can get seniority and do as little as possible and not be fired. Productivity is not part of wage increases. It’s entitlement.

The unions have made manufacturing non competitive and changed our country from a manufacturing economy to a financial and service economy. Today only 7.5% of U.S. workers are union. Never fear, the Democrats are out to fix that. They want to make us like Germany where they are trying to dismantle the unions to save the economy. Why is it that every bad idea that isn’t working elsewhere in the world is on Obama’s change agenda?

Education has been hitting the skids here thanks to the union. No accountability.

The Democrats will put card check in place if they gain power. This means no more secret balloting to decide whether a business goes union. A union goon and a supervisor can go employee to employee and “encourage” the employee to sign the card in favor of the union shop. Gee, is a broken kneecap or sharing a freeway with Jimmy Hoffa’s body an incentive to sign the card? Next step, repeal the right to work laws that exist in 22 states. By the way, the economic health in those 22 states is better on average than the rest of the country. They have lower unemployment, higher GDP, and more new jobs being created.

In Denver 25% of the Democratic delegates were directly or indirectly involved with labor unions. 

So, in addition to higher taxes, the cap and trade tax, bigger government, and all the other great ideas in the Obama Great Society, we will get more unions. Why?

Obama is bought and paid for by the unions. They own him. It wasn’t hard to make the deal.

An avowed socialist must have unions to keep business in check. Big government, more regulation, higher taxes, and unions. Won’t it be fun to be a businessman in America with Obama, Pelosi, Durbin, Kerry, Gore, Reid, and the other Marxists turning us into a bad version of Europe. A model that is now in worse economic shape than most of the world. 

How do you take a series of bad ideas that have failed everywhere in the world and re brand them as change?

Obama is worse than an empty suit. He is a smooth version of Reverend Wright selling religion packaged as politics wrapped as change. He is one scary man.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    There was a time long ago in our Country when Unions were needed to protect workers from businesses that took advantage of them and the working conditions they endured. However, Unions have now and unfortunately have gone overboard with demands made on Companies and now threaten Union workers with their jobs.

    Like the Government, Unions believe workers are entitled regardless of the Companies financial wellbeing. Unions need to understand that companies need to first be profitable in order to continue offering jobs and benefits to keep them employed. If Companies are not profitable, those companies go out of business and take those jobs with them.

    A vast majority of Union Leaders support the Democratic Party with their entitlement mentality and expect their constituents to do the same. The Democratic Party and Union bosses are trying to get Congress to require workers who vote to be public, which defeats the purpose of a closed and secret ballet box. No one should have to show or tell who they are voting for and if this is ever approved, workers and voters will be scrutinized and pressured into voting for those who control their jobs.

    Union workers need to think long and hard about what Party truly have their long term interests at heart? I am not advocating that Unions should not exist, but what I’m saying is that Unions need to understand that companies can not continue to be over taxed and demonized by Right Wing Liberals who believe that profits are bad.

    Unions have helped to protect American workers and I believe they should continue doing so, but not at the expense of putting those companies out of business who employ us with good paying jobs and benefits.

    The Company is ultimately held accountable for the safety and wellbeing of its workers, the consumers who purchase our products and services and are also accountable to its shareholders, with whom most of are, to return a profit for investing in those companies.

    Therefore, it is the company, not the Union who should decide who gets appointed certain positions that require something more than a seniority number, which does not entitle you too or says that you are qualified.

    If Congress had a Seniority system in place and maybe they should, Obama would not be allowed to lead our Country for at least several more years.

    Hummm, now there’s a thought? I’m thinking McCain has the Seniority over Obama and if Obama doesn’t like it, he can call his Union Rep and submit a grievance against the Liberal Congress who probably enacted that policy.

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