How Many Investment Bankers Will it Take to Mow My Grass?

September/21/2008 17:00PM
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Isn’t it ironic, the elitists are headed for the unemployment line. Hundreds of thousands of them. And, more to come. The Bear Sterns employees first, then the Lehman Bros. people, the Merrill people, the Hewlett Packard group, and who knows when the next ax will fall. 

These are mostly New Yorkers and silicon valley people. Left wing liberals to the core. Obama nation people. Good people who laugh at the hicks who clutch their guns and religion. People who think we should welcome illegal aliens with open arms. And, give them all the privileges every American has.

After their unemployment runs out, what are these ivy league educated people to do? Well, I’m serving notice. You aren’t going to mow my grass. A gentleman who used to sell me suits and lost his job when casual dress came in has been doing that for over 15 years. And, he is good at it and like it. And, he only raises prices every other year or so. He mows in a straight line. I just don’t see any of you investment bankers having any of these qualities.

Life is pretty expensive for someone without a job in New York. London is out, they aren’t hiring there either. Don’t get any idea about moving to a fly over state to save money and find a job here, we don’t want you. Right now, we will concede New York to you and your friends. But, we don’t need you tipping the balance elsewhere in the country. Besides, your attitudes about dirty jobs—-refineries, chemical plants, paper plants, and the like have already shut most of those down here. Plus, your union bias would force you to join the union and they aren’t letting new members in most places since you pushed to have all the jobs go away. 

I know they don’t have much grass in New York City. But, they do have a lot of trash. Although rumor has it that the mob controls that there. Waiters and waitresses, that’s it. Buy yourself a nice little foreclosure in New Jersey. East Orange comes to mind. You, after all, probably approved the mortgage on that little starter house. Then commute to New York. When your boy Barack gets in he will make sure you won’t have an investment banking job for another 4 years, so hunker down and save your pennies.

No need to jump from a window or a bridge like your counterparts were doing in the last Great Depression. Just look in the mirror every day and say, Greed is Bad.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    You must be the only guy who has a white person who cuts grass. I have had the same white landscaper owner for the past 12 years, but his workers are all Mexican immigrants and based on their English speaking capability, suspect they’re illegal’s and go home to Mexico every winter.

    I guess it’s no surprise since Richard Daley last week made a comment that Illinois, specifically Chicago, is a Safe Haven for illegal immigrants. He said it’s not the job of the Chicago Police department to check for the legal status of those who may be stopped or arrested by the police.

    I find this pretty interesting since Chicago’s crime rate is among the highest in the country with their growing gang population and crime problem. How can you deal with the rising gang problem with out doing something about the illegal gang bangers who reside in Chicago?

    I guess the out of work stock brokers won’t be finding too many landscaping jobs in Chicago anytime soon…

  2. bill robertson says:

    You dashed my hopes that I could provide employment for a greedey investment banker who fleeced the public and spent it all too fast. Daly making Chicago a safe haven means I’ll have to hire an illegal. Sorry, Wall Street, I won’t be able to help.


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