Drilling is a Dirty Word in America Part 2

September/03/2008 0:49AM
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As the elite mainstream media attacks Sarah Palin because she represents the biggest threat they have encountered in my lifetime, we get another dose of how much power they have wielded in this country. She scares the bejesus out of them. Why else would the NY Times have three front page stories attacking her. This translates to my point in this article.

Yesterday, we questioned why we don’t drill on shore. Today, let’s look again at offshore. Yesterday, a hurricane made a direct hit on 4,000 offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Damage, none. Leaks,none. Is this a story today, this week, or ever in any mainstream media? No. Like they want Obama elected and will do everything in their power to see that happen, they want zero drilling in the U.S. They have accomplished that in the past 20 years. Just as they stopped nuclear, coal, and will stop any other options. 

Go to: http://link.brightcove.com/services/link/bcpid1641244028/bctid1653634930 to see T. Boone Pickens’ energy plan. True, Boone favors wind and it may be overstated. But, the numbers are correct. He nails what the damage we have done to this country by letting the media run our country.

It’s time to tune them out. They are taking us down the road to ruin and will keep us on that road as long as we watch, read, and listen. If the Obama bias hasn’t convinced you that we get spun every day, you need to keep watching.

Union Oil has an offshore disaster. It was due to the nature of the oil drilling area more than the drilling itself. The offshore drillers have come a long way. The capability and technology is world class. Much, much better than anything in Washington or on TV or in print. It’s the same guys Obama wants to tax out of business.

So, we really can’t come up with environmental reasons not to drill on shore or off shore. It creates jobs, it creates money for the Federal Government in lease money, it reduces money being sent to foreign countries, it shores up the dollar, it helps the economy. Who does it hurt.

Ask your militant environmental friend why we stopped drilling. Ask them to give you one good reason why we shouldn’t drill. 

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Comments (4)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Oil prices continue their downward fall, but the Iranians will try and get OPEC, who will be meeting next week, to reduce oil production in an attempt to keep oil prices higher. They understand the only way to beat America is to control and destroy us economically. They know they don’t have the military might to destroy us, but what they do have is the oil and we don’t.

    They are counting on Congress, Obama, Pelosi, Gore, the Liberal Media and all the Environmentalist Wacko’s; they know and hope who’ll keep us from drilling for our own oil and energy independence.

    It’s that simple. It’s not the oil company’s who are trying to destroy us; it’s those within our own Country who are trying to destroy us. I can’t say it is there intention to destroy us, but I certainly believe it is their liberal beliefs and the plans they want to enact, which will unknowingly destroy us. I’m giving them the benefit of doubt, but I also don’t want to give them a chance to enact policies that will undoubtedly lead to our destruction.

    We only have 60 some odd days left until we’ll make one of our most important decisions as Americans. It is vitally important that we think very hard before pulling the lever on the voting machine that will change our current course.

    I have done everything possible to educate myself and others on what each party is promising and what I believe they can deliver and more importantly, how those plans will impact the future of America. I will continue doing so, but each of us has responsibility to examine the facts and make an intelligent and informed decision with out bias.

    There is a clear difference between the Political Parties. They are all offering Change, so each of the Parties if elected will create Change, but the question is will that Change create a safe and prosperous America?

    I know the choice I’m going to make, but only you can make that choice. Regardless of who gets elected, we’ll all have to live with that choice and I only pray to God is the right one.

  2. Ken Dozier says:


    I guess you’re trying to make a point by directing our attention to the bird covered in oil. I’m also assuming that you don’t agree with Bill’s Blog and those of us who do share his opinions. At least you are reading it and will make up your own mind.

    We don’t need pictures to remind us that birds with oil on them die. What about all those birds who fly into my thermo pane windows almost every day and end up breaking their freaking necks? Perhaps I should board up my windows? Shit happens and that’s the way it is, so all we can do is try and make it better.

    What we need from you and others who share the same view, is to offer us your solutions to move us forward.

  3. Bill Robertson says:

    Dear GCN888

    I have no idea when that picture was taken or why the bird died in oil. For all I know it was a staged pickture of a decoy. But, I will say this. Most oil is now leaked by transport, not drilling. So, it too make the case to drill offshore rather than ask the rest of the world to ship it here and take the risk that we will kill more hapless birds. Plus, each windmill kills 3 birds a day. If we get oil offshore we don’t have to put up a million windmills that kill more birds than oil ever has.

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