Cavuto Calls O’Reilly’s Bluff

September/19/2008 17:00PM
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In a segment that is long overdue on the so-called fair and balanced Fox News, Neil Cavuto calls Bill O’Reilly to task for presenting data that allows him to incorrectly skewer the oil companies. O’Reilly went into his indignant screaming act. Neil never let him up. He said he was as guilty as the politicians he berrates on his show for misrepresenting facts to make a point.

Here was the basis for the debate. O’Reilly says the crude price has gone down 33% and the gasoline price has not, hence the oil companies are gouging. Cavuto says if the refiners were making the normal margin at the peak of crude the gasoline price would have been $7 not $4. Plus, the gasoline price is based on gasoline inventories not crude inventories. With the gulf coast refineries down due to hurricanes inventories are tight. 

O’Reilly has a blind spot about the oil industry and is putting out the same crap that has been put out by the media since 1977. I’m sure the network is being challenged on their fair and balanced brand since O’Reilly is not ever close on this and other key issues. Continuing to make up data to fit your ideology is what caused the country to get into the energy mess. From conspiracy theories in the 70’s to bi annual gouging hearings in congress, the media has kept us from doing what we need to do to fix supply. 

It was refreshing to see O’Reilly put down and have Neil stand face to face and let him make a complete fool of himself. O’Reilly’s big ego was bruised. His IQ on some issues is single digit.  This is one of them.

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