Brother, Can You Spare Me a Dime?

September/15/2008 21:26PM
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Are you still living on the banks of the longest river in the world, one of two that run directly north, Da Nile? Are you buying the spin your government is giving you, your investment advisor is giving you, and denial is giving you? The one that says the U.S. is not in recession? They are right, you know. We aren’t in recession, we are way past that on the brink of a full blown depression. The house of cards is crashing all around us and we just don’t want to see it.

The USA Today has a feature story about Fitchburg, a small town in Massachusetts. Everything is going to pot in Fitchburg. The mills have closed, the economy is in trouble, unemployment is sky high. People are scared. The only thing that’s right about Fitchburg is the river. The river is now clear. The real end goal has been achieved. In future years this story will play out all across America. People will lose jobs, the economy will fail, progress has halted, taxes can’t be high enough to sustain infrastructure since business is gone. But, the air will be cleaner.

You really bought the idea that we could go overboard on the environment and not pay a big price? Stay tuned, you and your family will want to do bodily harm to some member of some militant environmental group soon. When you finally realize we have become Europe, New York, and California all across America, it will be too late. Ask Michigan. It is too late for them.

The elitist ideas of running a country are just Socialism with lipstick. It’s bait and switch. Instead of using the failed tenets of the past, it’s called “change” by Obama, it’s called global warming by Gore, and it’s called San Francisco by Peolosi. But, call it what you will, it’s big government running everything badly. It’s the government and the labor unions running manufacturing and jobs out of the country and the states that embrace it. It’s the people who pay the taxes moving out of the states that ask them to pay too much and leaving a bigger bill that can’t be paid. It’s the Feds letting the banking industry run wild because they have them in their pockets.

It isn’t a Democratic thing, it’s a Washington thing. Obama will step it up. McCain will try to slow it down, but cap and trade, his achilles heel will offset any progress he makes. 

With three of the biggest investment banks failing already this year, are you getting nervous? With the government picking and choosing who they help and who they don’t are you wondering who’s running the ship. I will tell you this, it isn’t Bush.

You’re on your own. The United States is like the Titanic sailing into an iceberg that only few see. The little icebergs we’ve hit are nothing. The big one is still out there.

You can’t spend billions on a war, give billions to foreign governments for oil while you sit on top of mountains of energy, and grow finance to 26% of GDP then let them leverage bad loans and hide them in investment packages and sleep through that and prosper and grow. 

We, you other grandparents, and our apathetic kids have put the screws to our poor grand kids. Someone wrote in an earlier entry, if you never had it you don’t miss it. That’s true, but many of our grand kids have had it, way too much of it. They are ill prepared to learn how to lay tile or mow a lawn. Some of mine even thought they wanted to be an investment banker. What a silly idea that is. Some investment bankers may be jumping out of windows soon.  

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    We have 49 days left until we elect a new president and just hope we can make it that long. AIG today is on the brink and most likely can not survive unless the fed saves them. Unfortunately, we don’t have another Trillion and think they too like the others will and should go away. I hate to see millions of people lose their jobs, investments and insurance, but these institutions who have gambled our money away need to be eradicated and sent to jail.

    What and who is next? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, the blood letting will continue until only the strong survive. What we need is a blood letting in Congress and need to get rid of all of them, because they are to blame for the situation we’re in and they still can’t or haven’t passed any meaningful legislation to deal with the oil issue.

  2. bill robertson says:


    Watch out for the iceberg. Keep a lifeboat handy.


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