Another Reason to Vote for McCain

September/22/2008 20:14PM
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Last week I spent some time in Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. I toured the museum there which has a history of all the wars this country has been in since the Revolutionary War. It reminded me that good intentions mean nothing, there are always bad guys out there who want to do bad things. It is important that we have a good defense. I think this is especially true today. We are fighting two wars and a third here at home trying to save our economy. We have no domestic energy should we be threatened. Nor, could the economy take that hit on top of what we have already. This is the rational side of why McCain makes sense. Obama’s judgment about things seems flawed. The lack of an experience base makes it pretty hard to sift through the data and make good calls.

But, it’s not why I say this country in good conscience should not vote for Obama. While I was there the base was having a retirement party for a sergeant major. There are only 13 sergearnts major in the U.S. Army.  He has served 30 years for his country. On his last tour of duty in Iraq his son was killed in action. He was a soldier in  this man’s troop. We own this man a lot. A greater debt than to pick a man like Obama to be president of the country.  If Senator Obama had been drafted in the VietNam era, he would have gone off to Canada no doubt.  

I had dinner with a lady who’s son is going back to Iraq for his 5Th tour of duty. He has two Purple Hearts, the second for being shot twice in the stomach by a sniper. It was two through and throughs and he had extensive surgery but  he is fully recovered. When he finishes his new training in California he will redeploy to Iraq. He believes we have saved the people of Iraq and given them a real opportunity to have a decent life. He believes in duty and finishing a job. Obama believes in giving neither of these men any credit for what they’ve done. He discounts all their accomplishments and sacrifices. I guess they haven’t worked to the standards of a community organizer.

The best of America is our military right now. With the pirates in Wall Street who have looted you and I, and their friends in Washington who let them do it, it’s hard to find anything we should be looking to for pride. These examples I found in Missouri made me think I owe it to them to vote for McCain. Someone who also has been through a lot for his country. Someone who understands the price you pay to do your job when things get tough, but you go on and stay the course. These two men I write about would salute Senator McCain. Obama’s actions spit on both of them. It’s a disgrace to these good people to tell them we want someone like Obama to be their Commander and Chief. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    The Senate recently voted for the Defense Security Act, which included a 3.9% raise for our military men and women who defend our country. Dick Durbin, whom I detest, voted for the bill and it was passed.

    Then we have Obama, who wants to be the President of the people and the Commander and Chief of our military, so how did he vote? I’ll get back to that, but first, Obama has said in all of his campaign speeches that he is for the middle class and wants to give tax breaks to those who make less than $250k. Yet, when it comes down to actually voting for our national Defense bill and a bill that would help support our Military men and women and their families with a pay raise, how did he vote?

    The wannabe next president voted, “Not Voting”. Again and again, Obama while in the Illinois congress and now our Senator and who now wants to be our next president, continues to cast his vote as either “Present or Not Voting”. In addition to that and although he says he will work with those from the republican party, he has Never, I mean Never went against his party, Never Once has he taken a stand on anything that was important, yet he says he is ready to lead and be our President.

    First of all, he was elected and he is being paid to make decisions and get things done, but he has done nothing and all you have to do is review his record since being elected. He leads the Congress in voting present or Not Voting more often than any other elected official. He has been a Senator for 3 years and has done nothing except for campaigning for the past 2 years.

    When it comes to voting for President, I’m sure he will have the time to vote and it will be a vote for him, which is all he has been preoccupied with since he hit the national seen. I too will be voting and I can assure you this, I will be voting NO for Obama and will be voting for McCain, a man who has voted and votes for us.

    Our next President must be present and accounted for and must be able to take a stand on what has to be done as our Commander and Chief. Unlike Obama, the President does not have a choice and must vote one way or another. He can’t just be present.

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