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September/08/2008 3:34AM
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So far our government has given us one version of alternative energy. Ethanol. Great idea isn’t it? Why do we have it? Because Archer Daniels Midland wants it. No other rational reason for it. Is our government for sale? You betcha it is. 

I had the pleasure of working with ADM years ago. They never operated as Archer Daniels Midland, they operated as the Corn Grower’s Association. A whole bunch of them, including the founder’s son went to prison. Did that deter our elected officials from doing their bidding? Of course not. 

We get to subsidize ethanol to the tune of $6 billion per year in tax dollars. We block imported ethanol by a 60 cent per gallon tariff. We get record corn prices from ethanol. All for a fuel that takes more fossil fuels to produce than it replaces.

So when Obama says he will tax everyone in sight to produce alternative energy, just keep this in mind. First dollars will go for new government jobs. The biggest employer in the United States will get bigger. The firm that has a 30% fraud rate in Medicare will create a new group that can do nothing. Then we will look to see who will give back the most in campaign contributions and give them as much money as we can. Then we will try to stop any efforts in the private sector by putting in rules and regulations that favor whomever we are giving money to. This is exactly how Archer Daniels Midland bought Washington. They got it all. Tax subsidies. Import restrictions. And, mandated requirements for ethanol. The whole package. Who got screwed. You and I, the people who always do when the government gets involved.

The number one reason the economy is in trouble is energy. The massive layoffs in the sectors impacted by high oil prices started the unemployment problem. People have pulled in their spending since they spent too much for energy. The second reason is housing. Now your tax dollars are going to bail out Freddie and Fannie. Where is the hue and cry for scalps like we had with Enron, no where, since it would include several U.S. senators. 

You want our economy to be completely destroyed, just buy into the Obama energy plan. I promise you it will be Archer Daniels Midland on steroids. Combined with cap and trade, it will be the biggest waste of tax dollars in the history of this country and when it’s over we will have wet our pants in the blue serge suit. We will have a nice warm felling and nothing to show for it. By then, we will be 85% dependent of foreign crude and in a panic. 

Some people might be thinking it’s time to come here and take us over since we have no fuel. We may be thinking it’s time to have a Boston Tea Party all over again. Taxation without representation could make for people doing more than marching on Washington. Storming the Capitol might be more like it. 

Of all the mistakes we can make in November, letting Obama tell us he will solve our energy crisis could be the one that finishes us. Don’t do it.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Not only is BIO Fuel a sham created by Al Gore and the Environmentalist Wacko’s, what’s more hard to believe is these are same people who are so concerned about the planet and the same fools who have now caused Global Starvation by converting our food into fuel. Maybe starving millions of people to death by raising the prices so high they can’t afford to eat is their idea of how to clean up the environment!!

    Where is the outrage and when are we going to say enough is enough?

  2. Solid website – Will come back soon.

  3. Wonderful article=) hope to definitely come back again.

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