Windfall Profits Tax Already in Place

August/02/2008 17:01PM
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Senator Obama asks us to inflate our tires to solve the National energy crisis. Then he jumps on Exxon-Mobil’s profit for the quarter to reiterate his wisdom on windfall profits tax. Senator, I know you have never been a senator, just an absentee campaigner during your brief tenure in the Senate, but during that time you and your colleagues have already created a windfall profits tax on Big Oil. They get paid for their oil in dollars and you have destroyed the value of that dollar. 

When, not if, the wisdom of the people kicks in and we throw all of you idealistic fools out of Washington, we will need Big Oil to drill in Alaska and offshore in deep water with good environmental practices. Let’s remember, Exxon-Mobile with all the size and resources is not in the top 10 in the world in oil reserves. The top ten are all national oil companies. Also, Exxon’s profits from the U.S. is less than 18%. We can run them out of the country like we are trying to do with all business.

Think about this in historical perspective. The two world powers before us gained that honor through their form of energy dominance. The Dutch harnessed wind and water and used it to gain a world domination. The British took over from them with coal. The United States followed with oil. We had the resources and we had the technology and the risk takers who could get it out of the ground, refine it, move it about this big country, and sell it to a population that was in love with the automobile and the freedom it gave us. 

All of that still exists here today. The oil and gas is here. The technology is here. The risk takers are here. Only one thing has changed. You government and it’s ugly partner, the media, has made you believe you are a bad person if you want to use what’s here. I don’t think I’m a bad person. I want my grandchildren to continue to live in a county that does the right things the right way.

The winds of change are blowing. The American people are only capable of accepting so much crap from their government. Right now we are sending the warning signals. Some are hearing, some are not. Obviously, Reid and Pelosi are two who are not. Obama is not. Obama may just lose this election because of the recent actions of Reid and Pelosi. That would be a big signal. Getting rid of Pelosi, Reid, Schummer, and Durbin and Steney Boy would be next. Telling Gore to sell his baloney in Europe is next. Watch California closely. We say all news fads originate from there. 

The state is broke and going broker. Suddenly, some in the state want to drill offshore there. They have the most hostile climate for business in the U.S. Companies and jobs are moving out as fast as they can. They pass the most restrictions. They want cap and trade now. They welcome illegals in San Francisco even though them kill good citizens. Everything that’ wrong in America is magnified in California. The Gov ,who is not qualified by any means to be a gov, is on the hot seat.  He put state employees on the minimum wage, good thing it just went up again, and is trying to cut costs before they run out of cash. He won’t, they will. 

You want to go too green too fast, just watch what it does to your economic balance. Couple that with the mortgage mess, rising unemployment, business failure, and you have the perfect storm. It’s blowing now in California and it will blow across the rest of this country for the next several months. The public is smart and getting smarter. They are running out of patience with the fools and dreamers in Washington. They want some reality and they want it now. The Democrats are in bed with the rabid environmentalists and can’t do a thing. It will cost them dearly in the next few months. Just watch.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I would rather drive on the rims of my tires before I do anything he suggests. Funny though, after Nancy’s little turn out the light trick on Friday, now Obama is having second thoughts and is now open to and considering changing his tactics on drilling. I sure hope people see through his BS.

    That House is Ours, We pay the Mortgage and Pelosi should not be allowed to shut the lights, camera’s and microphones off because she will not allow the American Voters a voice. It’s Our House Nancy and You had better not forget that.

  2. Larry says:

    A Windfall Profits Tax impacts more than the oil companies.

    There are hundreds of thousands of people who are royalty owners. The average well in the USA produces something like 10 barrels per day. Under a Windfall Profits Tax scheme, these royalty owners will see their monthly royalty checks reduced 50% or more.

    Additionally, the Oil Producing States impose a production tax on the oil produced in their state. Under a Windfall Profits Tax scheme, these states will see a reduction in their production tax income of 50% or more.

    Those of us who oppose Obama and his Windfall Profits Tax scheme need to mobilize the hundreds of thousands of royalty owners and the tens of millions of people who live in the oil producing states.

    These people need to understand that in no uncertain terms a Windfall Profits Tax will be a big hurt upon their income.

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