What the U.S. Needs Most

August/22/2008 1:11AM
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We have an abundance of needs these days. We need energy. We need to have two wars over. We need to get our spending in check and our deficit fixed. Our financial institutions are in trouble. They need to get fixed. Our airlines are going broke. Our car manufacturing companies are going broke. Inflation is out of control. Our values are in the tank. It’ s hard to even rank these needs.

More than anything else we need leadership. Far too many of us are disenchanted with the two choices we have for president. A recent survey suggests the average voter is not happy with either choice. 

So many people I talk to want someone to tell the unvarnished truth. They don’t expect that from 99% of the elected officials in office or running for office. We don’t believe “we the people” have much to say anymore about how needs get fulfilled. We don’t believe politicians stand for anything. We don’t believe they have our interests at heart. We don’t believe they tell the truth.

States like New York, New Jersey, and California are going broke. They have been on a spending frenzy for years.

Property values are going down and assessments will have to follow. We know the local government has not saved for a rainy day. We know they will be asking for tax make ups. 

Senator Obama has a half-brother in Africa who lives on a dollar a day. Is it just me, or do more of you think it’s a disgrace that the rich half-brother isn’t sharing his wealth with this poor half-brother? How can Obama ask the country to ask the people who have worked  hard and done well to give him money to share with the poor in this country when he lets his own half-brother live like a dog?

Where will the leadership void be filled from in this country? Where will the men and women come from who will put the country and truth before party dogma? Don’t see any on the horizon, do you?

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Comments (3)

  1. gcn888 says:

    An empty drum makes a big sound

  2. Ken Dozier says:

    I agree we need leadership but, what we don’t need are those politicians who have made it a career being a politician and who have gotten wealthy living off our tax dollars. We need term limits and outsiders who understand how to manage a business and who would take the bull by the horns and change the business model currently used by our government and who are bankrupting our way of life.

    We need someone who knows how to slash and burn current policy and get rid of all the slackers and those who only know how to spend and waste our money. Not sure where or how we get someone to do this, but if we have to pick from our current list of candidates, none of them with the exception of the Libertarian Party have what it takes.

    Only the Informed and enlightened American people will make the change that is needed to get this country turned around. It’s not going to happen if those of you who are uninformed, liberal Marxist Obama types who believe China and communist socialist have the right idea.

    Say What?

  3. Bill Robertson says:

    We will get to see two conventions full of empty drums make enough sound to cause a national hearing problem.

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