What if Obama and Blagojevich Had Each Other’s Job?

August/27/2008 19:22PM
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Two young hot shots coming out of the Chicago political machine. Rod Blagojevich goes off to Washington as a congressman and Barack Obama goes to Springfield as a State Senator. Blagojevich goes on to be governor of Illinois and Obama becomes a U.S. Senator. Really, he becomes a campaigner for President of the United States since he has never really been a U.S. Senator. 

One is running for president and may well win and the other is not even being asked to speak at the Democratic Convention. The state of Illinois is in total disarray. Blagojevich may go to prison like his predecessor George Ryan. What might have happened if the tables had been turned. Would Obama have done well running the state of Illinois? Maybe, maybe not.We’ll never know. But, at least we would have know whether he could have run something.

Would Blagojeviceh have done as well as Obama as a U.S. Senator. Probably yes. 

But, we found out Rod Blagojevich can’t run a state so we will never take a chance and let him run the country. Shouldn’t we have done the same with Obama?

This is why people in this country are getting nervous about Barack. It’s one thing  to be a competent campaigner and magnificent orator, but it’s something else to run a state or run a country. Maybe we should let Obama be the governor here for a while. He could find out what it’s like to have Mike Madigan, the real governor stab you in the back because he wants his daughter, Lisa Madigan  to be the governor. Or, to get a phone call from Rich Daly telling you what he’d like you to do that day. Or to have the United States Attorney poking around in your affairs since your friend Tony Rezko is talking about the deals he did with you. 

Would Obama have been up to all this? We don’t know and that’s the point. Is he up to be president of the U.S. ? No, he should at least run something. When I started my career with Amoco, Standard Oil of Indiana then, I had to run the training station. My folks and my fiance were all so impressed that I had graduated from college to wear a service station uniform. Later, when I was president of a subsidiary with 54 retail outlets and 300 employees, I fell back on that early experience. What’s Obama going to fall back on? Maybe his ass if he’s like Blagojevich and can’t cope with the responsibility. Do we want that? Is it fair to him or the country to put a man who is not prepared in a job this important?

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