Politicians Fiddle While America Freezes

August/26/2008 0:07AM
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Feel good about the gasoline price drop? Is it over? No, it’s not over. Experts predict homeowners will pay $22 billion more for heat this winter than last. Gee, I hope global warming kicks in big time.

This is a $22 billion dollar dolt tax we will pay for the luxury of people like Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi. Next winter could tack on another $22 billion or so. Can the economy take it? No.

Pelosi spoke last night at the Democratic Convention. I didn’t watch since I am boycotting both conventions. I, personally believe they should all be at work trying to fix the problems we are facing. Pelosi shut down the trade agreement with Columbia, a friend in a bad neighborhood where we are losing friends fast. Why did she do this? The AFl-CIO said don’t do it or we will cut off your funds. Why did she shut down the vote on offshore drilling? Because the nut-ball environmentalists who control the Democratic Party said you better not do this. Every slime ball lobbyists is in Denver holding parties and flying the Democrats in on private aircraft. Obama says he didn’t have time to shut this down. Sure Barack.

Russia is kicking up their heels. They are entertaining Syria while the Democrats partake in parties and puffery. Selling them a few arms just in case Israel should come calling between November and January.

These are really bad times. I just didn’tt have the stomach to listen to Michele tell us that she is proud of America for the second time. Not to hear Pelosi tell us she wants to make America into San Francisco. Not to hear Biden give us a speech he probably stole form google. Nor to watch Ted Kennedy say goodbye to the party.

I’m busy trying to find ways to get all of them out of office. I’m concerned about energy, about the mess congress has made of the mortgage business, the Russian threat, unemployment, freedom, and the future for my grandchildren. I just wish one lying ass politician was concerned about these problems and was responding to all of us who want something done. I’ve even decided to run for President of the United States. Go to http://www.thelopezfamilyonline.com/play.php?first=bill&last=robertson to see my opening campaign.

This is not the time for bloviating. (Bill O’Reilly), it’s not the time to be responding to special interests, it’s not the time for party politics, it’s not the time for making promises you can’t keep, it’s not the time to grow government that doesn’t work, it’s the time for truth. 

Watch the conventions I won’t watch, you won’t see any of the things I want to see. So why bother.

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Comments (4)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I know you are boycotting the conventions, but I watched Hillary’s much anticipated speech at the DNC to unite the party and to get her supporters to vote for Obama, I’m sure she did not achieve either. As a matter of fact, I think she gave a very good speech which highlighted her many years of accomplishments, not Obama’s.

    The speech she gave was more about Hillary and did not include any adulations and praise for Obama. Yes she did say Obama should be president, but she did not fall over him and build him up as someone who is ready to lead this country.

    She did exactly what she wanted to accomplish and that was to highlight her message and to prepare herself for her next run in 2012, not Obama’s. Although she said Obama should be president, she actually hopes he is beaten by McCain so she can win in 2012.

    Had Obama made the right decision on VP by bringing in Hillary and her 18 million voters aboard, he could have secured the democrats with a win. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for him, he made his first and last decision as the presumptive candidate for president.

    In her speech last night, Hillary said “this is a fight for the future”, and that is code for her return and fight for her run in 2012, because Obama can not beat McCain. If Obama loses this race, he and the Liberal media can take all of the credit. Obama will go down in history for blowing an election the Democratic Party could have easily won hands down and they could have won because the Republican Party has blown it over the past 8 years for not taking care of business and for going on a Liberal spending spree with our money and for not enacting an energy policy which is destroying our country.

    If the Republicans win and upset the expected winner’s with a resounding defeat, they have all of us, the American public to thank. Because it was the American public who took the initiative to get involved and to get the real issues raised and acted upon.

    It’s not over yet, but we’re in the 4th quarter and we still may need a Hail Mary pass to win this.

    Keep up the fight; it’s not over until it’s over.

  2. Ken Dozier says:

    I forgot to ask, when are you going to vett your VP?

  3. Bill Robertson says:

    The weak dollar is rigged by U.S. spending and poor stewardship of the American financial community. The senate banking committee let the mortgage loan situation happen. The dollar could get weaker. Guess that will drive oil back up regardless of supply and demand.

    I believe 25% of Americans will still be blaming something or someone else when we have no energy. We are reaping what we sow. Did you not see a lot of cars in China during the Olympics. Most Americans thinkthey are still using rickshaws. Many Americans may be buying rickshaws in the future since we are doing nothing to help ourselves.

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