Obama Will Tame Big Business

August/17/2008 1:25AM
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Senator Obama will declare war on big business in America. He will tax them. He will regulate them. He will help the labor unions retake control of them. He will take as much as congress will allow and give it to bigger government or the poor. If elected, Omaba will show big business who is boss in this country.

I must be missing something. Statistics show the U.S. has the second highest tax rate in the world. Second to Japan. If you add taxes in some states like California they are higher than Japan. Still, politicians blatantly blame business for outsourcing. For moving plants and offices out of the U.S. Obama says he will penalize any corporation that does this. How much more you want to penalize them Senator?

This country is hostile to business. The dream here for the dreamers is to be a huge financial empire that makes nothing but money. No smoke. No pollution. No dirt. Nice clean money. That dream is suffering a set back as we reached 24% of GDP in finance. We sold financial instruments with bad mortgage debt in them all over the world and lost credibility. Now the investment bankers and hedge fund managers may actually have to pay income tax not be paid at the 15% capital gains rate. No, that would cut campaign finance to the Democrats who receive 65% of the contributions from this group. Can’t do that.

So, if we make America more hostile to business, what happens? More business goes away, right? If we have no energy policy, what happens? More business goes away, right?

Obama, who is supposedly for the working man is really for the non working man. Couple this with the 12 million illegals who came here to get jobs, and things might get a little tough. We may see people selling apples on the street corners if we put Obama’s anti-business platform, anti-energy platform into effect.

Put the Russian wild card in the mix and what do we have?

Over the past year and a half nine of the developed countries and 20 countries in the world have cut corporate tax rates. Once again, we have it right and the rest of the world has it wrong. This is pattern that runs through all of our national strategies. From energy to immigration to taxation, we are on  one path and the rest of the world is on another. Before this week, we were the only one spending 2 trillion dollars to fight a war. Russia will spend less than that to taunt us and make us look powerless to the world. 

Keep putting fools in office and you will be looking for a green card to move to Canada.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    For the life of me, I can’t see how so many Obama supporters are either def, dumb or blind given what he is telling American voters he is going to do for them? Are they that infatuated with him or just ignorant with what will happen if he is allowed to raise taxes during the down turn in our economy? I just don’t get the logic and guess I will never understand how raising taxes for anyone promotes growth in a stagnant economy.

    We need to do everything possible to reduce the tax rates and at the same time, dramatically cut government spending across the board. We can not continue with a deficit financed by those outside our country. We have already given up our ownership of America and have basically become renters of someone else’s property. Yet we keep sending $700b/yr in oil revenue to others who we are helping finance our demize.

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