Obama and Chairman Mao Think Alike

August/06/2008 19:03PM
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Do we want to try the old ideas of Chairman Mao in America? Look how well it worked for Mao in China. We are being passed as the world’s economic leader by a China with a version of capitalism. 

Obama wants to run this country under the old Chinese model. One example, he wants to tax Big Oil and give the money to needy Americans. Each needy American(by his definition) will receive $1,000 to help with high gasoline prices. He wants to raise taxes on the upper income Americans, again by his definition, and give that to the less fortunate. He wants national health care run by the government. He wants higher capital gains taxes. He wants bigger government. He wants the cap and trade tax, the biggest tax increase in the history of man. He wants more regulation to control big business.

Senator Obama has a long history of learning at the knees of avowed Marxist and Socialist experts. He is beyond a closet socialist.

If elected, Senator Obama will destroy America. He is ill prepared for the job. He is like a wind-up toy, give him a script and he will produce a brilliant presentation. He is totally void of common sense and real-world experience. He is devoted to income redistribution and rampant socialism for America.

He will have a Democratic congress at his disposal with a Speaker of the House and Senate Majority leader to do his bidding. He can move us down the road very quickly to his version of socialism. He believes the American system is broken. His wife did not have a slip of the lip when she made the statement about the for the first time she was proud of her country. This is long-term pillow talk.

We are on the brink of electing the most dangerous man we could ever elect president in a very perilous time.

Step out and do whatever you can to keep this from happening. At each passing day we see more and more of the real Obama. Living in his version of communist China is not my idea of a good idea. I’m not giving you the chicken little crap, I rarely agree with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, but I do think he was on to something with this guy. 

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