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August/13/2008 22:12PM
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Should the people of Massachusetts get the sales tax and capital gains tax eliminated in the November election, what next?

Traditionally, it is the role of government, both state and Federal, to set the budget. What would happen if the voters set the budgets?

Once set, it would be role of government to fit priorities into the budget. Stay with me here, I’m serious, This is the kind of change we need in America, not the Marxist change Omaba wants. 

Why shouldn’t state and Federal elections establish budget levels each year? Elected officials can make cases for each level. Each level will show the tax rates needed to support that level. If the ballot goes for the lower rate, the elected officials must make it fit. 

This would bring accountability to all levels of government for the first time. This is how much of the real world works. A corporation builds a plan. The cash flow determines levels of capital expenditures and expense levels. Mangers must fit the organization and the strategies to the budgets. If the corporation is not making plan, expenses must be cut more. 

This is the only way to eliminate waste in government at all levels. 

Does the way it works now make any sense when you analyze it from a business perspective? The people who pay the bills only get to vote once, to elect the person who represents them at the local or Federal level. Those people call all the shots on what the budget is, how it is spent, and how it gets collected. Let’s strip most of that power. They only get to decide how it gets spent, not how much, or how it gets collected. We voters can do that better. Decide how much and how it gets collected.

Watch the post office and Amtrak go away over night. See the push for revenue like oil leases get done overnight. See the boondoggles and bridges to no where stop. See the infighting over who gets what. Without unlimited funds to squander fiscal responsibility might even start to happen. Want to see Iraq use their new $100 billion in oil revenues for their needs rather than rely on your tax dollars, do this. Pork projects, no more.

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Comment (1)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I think you have an interesting solution to controlling government waste and spending. All you need to do is figure out how to get it done. Therefore, I am officially nominating you to be our leader on getting a referendum on the November ballet.

    Getting a referendum on the ballet would require getting enough signed petitioners to get it approved, but not sure who makes that determination for it to happen. Getting referendums on the ballet would have to be further explored to determine what the processes are and required to get it done.

    Because this would be such a dramatic change in how our State Government would work, it would also require a panel of experts to determine the impact and how it would work in terms of how government wood work and how decisions would be made and so on.

    Perhaps the first thing would be to define a referendum that would give the tax payers the right to further explore this idea, because I could see this being a fairly long process to get approved and obviously would not be easy, because our current elected officials would probably not be very helpful in getting it done.

    Another option would be to get someone like yourself on the ballet and elected as the Peoples Candidate and then you could implement all of your ideas for Change.

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