Massachusetts Has the Answer

August/13/2008 3:42AM
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Massachusetts has the 125,000 signatures that are required to qualify an initiative for the November ballot to eliminate the state income tax. It would repeal the 5.3% income and wage tax and the capital gains tax which can be as much as 12%. This is $12.5 billion a year. The replacement is nothing. 

This is how we take our country back from the idiots in Washington who are holding us hostage. Cut off the money, cut off the power, show them who is really running this country.

The average voter in Massachusetts believes that 41 cents of every tax dollar in that state is wasted. Just happens that the $12.5 billion equals 41% of the budget. Hmmm.

Over 300,000 residents have fled Massachusetts in the last ten years. Where do they go? Not to Michigan where people are leaving. Not to Illinois where taxes are just as bad. Not to California where the state is going broke.

This initiative, if passed will give every resident of the state of Massachusetts a 5% after tax pay raise. Or, $3,000 per family. What will they give up, probably nothing. It will put a lot of deadbeat government bureaucrats out of work. They can pack up and leave now. 

This is the real deal and it is a breath of fresh air in our world today. A Boston Tea Party circa 2008. We need more of this.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    We need to take the same action in Illinois and clean out all of the tax grabbing liberals who only know how to raise taxes and do nothing for the State of IL.

    Whay to go Massachusetts.

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