Lies Congress Has Told About Energy in 2008

August/06/2008 1:16AM
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Let’s turn back the clock. As the crude price moved up and the price at the pump went over $4 a gallon, the sleeping dog, which is what energy strategy has been for 25 years, suddenly awoke and started barking. As the barks got louder and louder congress could no longer ignore the dog. This has been their response in my best recollection of a chronological order.

1. First response, as it has been for 25 years, call Big Oil in and whip them. But, an educated public knows we import 70% of our oil from countries, not companies. Hence, Big Oil could only be responsible for a small part of the problem.

2. Attack OPEC. Threaten to sue them. Actually put a bill on the floor to sue them. How dare they raise our prices. We, with 4% of the world’s population are entitled to 25% of the world’s oil at a bargain price.

3. Sent the president to Saudi Arabia to beg for a price break. 

4. Put Cap and Trade to a vote in the senate to see if the public would like higher gas prices. 

5. Blamed the auto industry for not making more  fuel efficient cars.

6. Passed the farm bill to subsidize the rising corn price that is rising because of the ethanol mandate.

7. Put the polar bear on the endangered species list to make drilling in ANWR more difficult. 

8. Brought Big Oil in for another round of whippings. Threatened them with windfall profits taxes. 

9. Blamed the speculators. Put bills in both aisles to do nothing but make it seem like they were doing something. 

10. The president ended the executive order against offshore drilling. Passed the ball to congress to do the same. By now the American public, who have bought none of the efforts by congress to place blame everywhere but with them, favor offshore drilling by 70%. A bipartisan group wants to put it to a vote. Congress takes a recess.

11. Obama says inflate your tires.

12. Obama says take it out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. 

13. Obama says he will mandate battery operated cars to completly phase out fossil fuels in ten years. Doesn’t say where the electricity is to come from. He is against nuclear, coal, and natural gas for power generation. 

This year clearly shows why there is no energy strategy or plan in this country. Our government has sold out to special interest groups and plans to shut this country down. When the pain is so bad that you lose your job it will be too late. The world that hates us will have whipped our ass without firing a shot. We, the people, bought into the dumbest national suicide in history. Just shut up and drink the Kool Aid.

If you don’t want to drink the Kool Aid, you better really get mad and get mad fast. The energy IQ in Washington is moronic. Better find some people who understand what is really happening and do it fast. The clock is running out. We don’t have more time for the games that were played in 2008 to date. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I’m confident the American public will make the right choice and will continue putting pressure on and get Congress to finally vote on what needs to be done for the good of the Country.

    Have Faith, it will happen, because we won’t allow it to go on much longer.

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