Big Oil’s Important to America

August/15/2008 21:05PM
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First let’s look at oil’s role in our country. We became what we are because of oil. Our ability to find and use oil made us the great nation we are today. As we depleted our own resources, we bought our oil on the open market and used our old tired refineries to produce all the products we get from oil. When you brush your teeth in the morning, the toothbrush was made from oil. The tube the toothpaste is in came from oil. The plastic cup you rinse with came from oil. The counter top the cup sits on came from oil. When you sit down at the table for breakfast, remember the fertilizer that grew your corn flakes came from oil. The diesel fuel that got the foods to your grocery came from oil.

The fools in Washington want to go to wind and solar. Nice, but what about all those other products we need? Never mentioned is it? The idiocy of the Obama alternative energy program is a big part of the Russian invasion of Georgia. They, like the rest of the world are beginning to realize we are terminally stupid as a country. They are growing rich and powerful due to oil. We are growing poor and powerless due to the lack of same.

ABC news went up to Canada and trashed the tar sands program on National news last night. It’s a form of strip mining and uses a lot of water and they just don’t like it. Of course, without that oil, we would be in really big trouble here. Plus, the Canadians are getting a taste for our dollars and plan to take as many as we will ship them.

The world is moving to a new group of haves and have nots. China, India, Brazil, Canada, Russia, and countries that used to be have nots are becoming haves and the US is headed to have not status. Not that we have to do that, we are choosing to do it to ourselves.

Big Oil is taking heat again from the Democrats as scapegoats. Big Oil will go away and we as a country will miss them. We will miss their tax dollars. We will miss their deep pockets that could invest in the big projects we need to undertake to save our country. We will miss the world class technology they have to get energy from harsh environs. When they are gone, we will be sorry. Why will they go away? They have no place left to work in the world. The rest of the oil reserves are in control of countries. They are not welcome. With no place to invest capital, they will have no future cash flows. 

The ignorance in America cuts across party lines when it comes to the future of oil and energy to America. We have become idealistic and unrealistic about what is important to protect our economy and our future. Until we wash out the false hopes and get on the road to going after every form of energy we have at hand here, we will just sink deeper into economic ruin. 

Begging the rest of the world for energy will make us humble. Maybe we need to be more humble. Not getting it will make us poor. Maybe being more poor will make us even more humble. Watching the American Dream go away will make us sad. Or, mad. Maybe more than anything else we need to get mad. Really mad. Getting mad as a nation may force change, Not the crap Obama talks about, but real change. Like goodbye Obama and Gore and Pelosi and Durbin kind of mad. Maybe even go away McCain and Bush kind of mad. Clean house kind of mad. 

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