Barack’s Illinois Legacy

August/24/2008 1:02AM
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Political dynasties are not good for America. We had Bush the elder and he wasn’t bad, but we didn’t need Bush the junior. We had Bill the ladies man, we don’t need the lady he doesn’t like. We had JFK, we don’t need anymore Kennedy’s. If you look at the current Federal and local offices, we have example after example of bad nepotism.

Chicago and the state of Illinois are good examples. We have Richard Daly, son of Dick Daly running the machine in Chicago. We have Lisa Madigan, daughter of Mike Madigan, the king of Springfield. She’s going to be the next governor. Unless Richard Daly decides he wants his brother Bill to be governor. He’s working for Obama right now. And, of course, the Cook Country Commissioner is John Daly.

The worst example is alive and well as the Cook Country Board President, Todd Stroger. He jumped in when his dad suffered a stroke. Tony Peraica, a reformer, ran against Todd. Barack Obama supported Todd Stroger, calling him a good progressive Democrat. Well, we’ve had Todd long enough to know what he is. He’s a buffoon who raised taxes to the highest level of any county in the world. The Chicago Tribune runs a scoreboard showing the days the  new tax has been in place every day. They are pushing for a replacement for Stroger. This is what we get when we put family in office. This doesn’t happen in most successful organizations. Why should it happen in U.S. politics?

Obama seems to have a real problem with judging people. He has the Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Todd Stroger as people he respected. Cook Country is stuck with the Todd Stroger problem. Is it any wonder that Barack picked Joe Biden as his V.P. ?

Will he surround himself with this kind of talent when he is President? From my experience in the business world people who always hung with lame horses never won any races. Barack will probably have a stable full. Remember Rumsfeld? Bush has a little problem with this too. Do we need more bad judgment? Come to Cook County and see how they like Obama’s boy Todd Stroger.

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