Americans Are Poorer

August/03/2008 13:56PM
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Like it not, we are poorer than we were 2 years ago. The gasoline, and soon the heating costs, are like huge tax increases, not offset by the paltry rebate. Combine that with the fact that your house has gone down in value at least 25% and your investments have gone down as well. Basically, the ineptness of your government has done this to you. 

They have failed to take action on energy for 25 years. They allowed the personal greed of all levels of finance to give mortgage debt to people who didn’t qualify and financial institutions to do an Enron deal with offshore balance sheets to hide the problem. Now, they are going to have your tax dollars fix the problem they created. To compound the insult they went on vacation while the voter anger rages higher. They seem quite content with their 9% approval rating.

Two states with the most problems are Nevada and California. The two people who are running our country are Reid and Pelosi. Gee, they want our country to be just like the two states they have helped destroy. Wonder of wonders, we are going to let them do it. Pelosi said she had a moral obligation to stop the vote on the house floor on offshore drilling. Madame Speaker, to whom is that moral obligation owed? It certainly isn’t to the 78% of the voting public who favor offshore drilling. As evil as you are Ms. Pelosi, maybe it’s to the devil. Have you had to make any personal sacrifices, Madam Speaker? No, that’s right you are obscenely wealthy. Gives you a real clear perspective on the problems the working American is making due to your devotion to the planet.

We are poorer and as a country we are buying less. We rein in our spending when we don’t have it. At the same time the government is ramping  spending up. The result, we will get even poorer. The result, we will spend even less. The result, more businesses will go out of business, more people will be out of work, and more debt will be unpayable. Another round of foreclosures.

This isn’t going to end soon. No actions are being done to fix the root causes. Patches and band aids aren’t going to cure this one. Radical surgery is needed and their are no skilled surgeons in Congress. 

Maybe we should just shuffle the deck. If the incumbent is a Democrat, everyone vote for the Republican candidate, if the incumbent is a Republican, just the opposite. We would have a whole new team in Washington and they would know we could do the same thing in two years. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I have spoken about Term Limits before and still believe we should not allow anyone to serve beyond 2 terms. We have way too many politicians who have served a life time in Congress and local government and have amassed a vast amount of wealth at our expense and they continually forget who they are working for, the American Tax Payers, who end up paying for the bridges that lead to nowhere.

    Second issue comes from Ear Marks, although not all congressmen can be blamed on these pet projects, but there are way too many special interest projects that get approved and somehow end up benefiting the very congressman that got the project approved. All sorts of land deals have made these people wealthy and we have paid the price with our tax dollars. This issue is not just a Democratic issue, because both parties share the blame. Yet we continue to see Ear Marks brought forward and approved and Congress will not address the issue.

    Our tax burden is ½ a Trillion dollars and much of it is wasted or used to fill the pockets of our elected officials.

    I agree with you, we need to clean house and get rid of these people.

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