Airlines Are Next for Tax Bailouts

August/10/2008 23:44PM
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The Democrats who run the senate banking committee have destroyed America’s banking and finance integrity world wide. By letting finance run completely wild with zero oversight sub prime mortgage losers have been dumped into every one’s portfolio all over the world. No one trusts us anymore. Selling American securities will be hard for a long long time. The Chinese and Saudis are really pissed since they hold far too much of our bad paper. 

The airlines and auto manufacturers are lining up for help next. No energy strategy and devout reverence to faulty environmental kooks will do them in. The airlines will get to pay window first. Same response. We just can’t let all the airlines in this country fail. Air travel is key to America’s economic health. No kidding.

The airlines are so desperate they are charging for blankets and pillows. Frequent flyer miles are worthless.

Maybe it’s time for some levity since it’s too, too hard to live with what we are doing to this country without an occasional laugh. Carol Burnett and her pals Harvey Korman and Tim Conway saw this coming years ago. Go to  Is it just me or were skits like this funnier than what we see today?

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Now that was funny and no you can’t see this stuff today, but how perceptive they were to know that flying today would be as close to the skit they did then. I am still laughing and thanks for reminding me of what life use to be like. Those days are gone and that’s too bad….

  2. bill robertson says:


    Glad you enjoyed the video. I laughed until it hurt.


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