Yet Another Bad Idea from Congress

July/10/2008 0:14AM
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The list goes on and on. First, let’s try the old blame game. Bring Big Oil in and bully them on TV. It’s an old idea that has worked well in the past. What, it isn’t playing anymore? Let’s go to plan B. Blame OPEC. Let’ even sue them. Let’s send Bush to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil. We’ve blamed OPEC for years and it’s worked. Not working. Let’s try something new. Let’s blame the speculators. We can even get old fair and balanced blow hard O’Reilly in this game. We’ve got some people buying this. Maybe prices will come down on their own and we can take credit. Whoa, prices going up. This isn’t working.

Let’s get old man Warner to float the 55 MPH idea again. We got him to go for cap and trade, why not? Man that was a bad idea, my mailbox is full of hate mail and I didn’t even support it. Wonder what Warner’s mail box looks like. My polls say 47% of Americans want to drill offshore and in Alaska and most are blaming me and the other congressmen. This is getting bad.

Maybe we will actually have to do something to stop this stuff. Scamming is getting harder. And, old T. Boone Pickens is stirring it all up with those TV ads that tell the truth. The truth is the last thing we in congress want to deal with.

When all else fails we still have the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Let’s mess with that. First, we will stop putting any more in. Got that bill right through. Now, let’s start using some. We’ll tell the public if we release a couple of million barrels a day the price will go down. If we start releasing and the price should happen to go down we take credit and get off the hot seat.

Of course, Pickens says he is doing the ads because he is truly worried about our National security. With things heating up with Iran, why would we worry about National security. With 75% of our oil coming from foreign sources, why keep any on hand for emergencies. My getting reelected is more important than that. Hell, let’s drain the damn reserve. Why should I care, someone else will get the blame. With Bush winning the war in Iraq, a Democratic landslide in November is looking less likely. With McCain hammering away on energy and Obama mute, we could be in trouble. Let’s do the wrong thing for the wrong reason and lie about it if it causes problems down the road. After all, that’s what we do best in congress.

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