Useless People

July/08/2008 20:30PM
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John Adams once said: "I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a Disgrace, two are a Law Firm and three are called a Congress". That’s what we have now. 

Our useless people are suing OPEC in the U.S. courts for running a cartel. Useless people doing useless things. And crowing about it. It’s the world’s biggest law firm.

No crowing about the facts that distinguish their work for the past 30 years. They stopped nuclear, refineries, taxed Brazilian ethanol to protect Archer Daniels Midland (the most effective lobbyists in the history of the U.S.),prevented drilling in Alaska, offshore drilling in California and Florida, delayed tighter CAFE standards, blocked construction of LNG ports while much of the Mideast was flaring natural gas, killed wind farms whenever they were close to home, stopped the natural gas pipeline which is to bring gas from Alaska to the lower 48(Alaska is suing congress), and basically botched every opportunity. Now they are stopping Iraq from expanding their oil fields since they want open bidding rather than placing contracts with U.S. based oil companies.

Let’s sue congress. It makes more sense than them suing OPEC.

China has locked up long term oil and gas supply contracts with Venezuela, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Gabon, Russia, Ecuador, Myanmar, Turkmenistan, and Australia. Lots of ZZZZZZ’s, that’s the sound of our useless people sleeping.

All the while the useless people preach of renewable energy. That’s going to save the country. The U.S. government’s Renewable Energy Lab says renewable energy research has fallen by 78% since 1978 and the budget is a paltry $200 million. What, no money is being put into the savior project? 

Meanwhile their little buddies in the media keep selling baloney. The hurricane Bertha is due to global warming, the wild fires in California, three nights in row on ABC nightly news, global warming is doing it. U.S. security is at risk due to global warming.

The population in Alaska is going bankrupt while sitting on one of the world’s biggest untapped oil reserves. The elitists in Manhattan and Hollywood who lead the attack against drilling could care less about the people in Alaska. Nor does Congress.

Change is coming, it’s everywhere. People in all walks of life here have had enough of the useless people. As usual, they are the last to see this coming, but it’s coming. 

I encourage all of you to do your part to make it happen. We must rid government of useless people.

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