Steps to Change America(Part One)

July/19/2008 0:40AM
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Four of us went to see Glen Beck Live at a local theater last night. It was very entertaining and informing. Glen made one point several times. Don’t look to Washington for help. Over the next few days I will outline my plan to get change today.

This week the group delivered 1.3 million names on an e-mail petition to Washington. If you haven’t signed the petition and agree with it, please go to the web site and add your name. If everyone sent this around like the bad jokes and pity myths we all get, there might be a 100 million names on that petition. As this practice evolves, we will get more and more opportunities to sign this type of petition. This will make more impact than we can make with the old practice of writing our elected officials and getting back the form letter.

We conservatives need to get on the front end of the power curve of this new practice. We need a T.Boone Pickens effort. It could be the start of the new way of demanding change and very effective. All elected officials respond this. They run their business like I did as a marketing executive by focus group. This is the biggest focus group we’ve ever seen. Get your friends and neighbors to go to this web site and sign it. With the majority of Americans now wanting congress to drill, that petition should be signed by over a hundred million Americans.

Congress has always practiced the do something to us rather than do something for us. Example, the old dinosaur, John Warner is dusting off the double nickel. We will force you to drive 55, not make it an option. As I see it, if you want to drive 55 and save gasoline, do it. ABC news jumped on it in tonight evening news. Old John want you to pay the big cap and trade tax. If this were to go to every American with a computer with a petition it would result in millions of signatures. We are sick and tired of us having to do what Washington won’t do. They screw it up, we have to sacrifice. They let Freddie and Fanny go down and we have to buy stock with our tax dollars. Meanwhile the CEO gets a salary of $20 million. Where is the hue and cry for the windfall profits tax on that salary from Durbin, Schummer, and Reid?

So here’s the deal. We need a web site where we can pick and choose between petitions we can sign or not sign on what congress is doing or planning to do. This is step one in getting real change. It is also my next project. There is a place to do that now. It’s called They offer lot’s of opportunities to sign these kinds of petitions. Go there.

Liberals have done this for years. They have the ACLU. They had John Dean showing politicians how to collect money this way. Let’s get in front of the liberals this time. Let’s get a network of conservatives in place to send a petition a week to Washington to force action. They can’t ignore numbers. I’m guessing a fair number of Democrats signed that petition. These should be bipartisan issues. Open to all who agree. High gas prices and a failing economy due to the lack of an energy strategy and plan is an American issue, not a Republican issue, nor a conservative issue.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I have been away for a few days and did get up to date on your blog. I did go and visit Grassfire and signed some petitions. Keep it up Bill and hope all is well.

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