New York Times Tanking

July/21/2008 22:55PM
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The stock price for the New York Times is at a twenty year low. They want to go even lower. Soon they will be a local paper pandering to the far left. Should be fun to watch. It is interesting to watch the liberal media run their businesses into to the ground for the greater good of their political leanings. Today they refused to print Senator McCain’s OpEd piece without having him make changes as specified by the paper. No changes were requested to the OpEd piece published by Senator Obama last week. I suggest they all move to San Francisco. They will be much more welcome there.

When did the media decide to create news rather than report news? It’s a dear price they are paying since more and more readers are rejecting the spin.

Fox News ran a report showing Obama stepping all over his tongue when asked if he thought he was wrong on the troop surge in Iraq. You may not see it elsewhere. He seems to have a real problem admitting he is wrong on any  subject. He stuttered and stammered and said absolutely nothing. Without the 300-400 staff writers he has he isn’t so sharp. Trumping Obama Dan Rather called Obama Osama Bin Laden on national TV.

I’m struck by one thing as I watch Obama with the troops and the media folks who critique the situation in Iraq. The heroic men and women outshine all of them. They are real people sacrificing so much for all of us and the rest of the lot look like men who got beat up too much on the playground and are trying to overcompensate as adults. There are exceptions,but not many. Tony Snow was one. The New York Times neglected to print Tony’s obituary. Nice. The men and women who come back from Iraq should be running for election.They are immenitely more qualifed than the former community organizer and his entire entourage. 

We just have to ask for and receive balanced news in this country. Just wait until Obama gets to Europe and is embraced by European socialist countries. They may want him more than the media in the US wants him. Their systems are failing like all socialist societies have failed and they want us to join them. If we go down, they have a chance of going up. Some capital may flow away from us in their direction.

Stay tuned. You will see why we just can’t let Osama Bin Laden, excuse me, Obama take over this county. We are too damaged to take it. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Joe Beatty says:

    I need only two words to express what is happening or being directed by the media

    Chauncey Gardner

    If you will recall the 1979 movie ‘BEING THERE’ starring Peter Sellers as the completely isolated gardner of old man’s estate. When the old man dies he is forced out into the world where he has never been. Since he says nothing and knows nothing, the media latches onto him and create him in their idol image. He is elected president !

    It is a great movie, Sellers was nominated for an Academy Award. It WAS very funny and entertaining, now I suspect it will be a horror show.


  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Obama as Chauncey Gardner, I see a real comparison. Thanks Joe.


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