Nation of Whiners

July/14/2008 2:39AM
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Phil Gramm says America is a nation of whiners. He tells us to pick ourselves up and stop whining. 

Maybe he is right. But, maybe he was part of the problem and none of the solution. After all, we may be right about where we are and where we are headed.

I have always been a glass half full kind of person, but I’m really having trouble these days trying to find the pony in the pile of pony manure we are digging in right now. 

People in my generation like to talk about how much better things were when we were kids. No one locked their doors, everyone knew their neighbors, and while I never had the luxuries my kids and grandkids have, we thought we were OK. We had polio and bomb shelters and worries, but they seemed to be more manageable than they are today. 

Still, if we are headed back to a simpler time with less prosperity, it would be nice to being a part of making that decision rather than having our elected officials make it for us. 

As I look out into the short term future, I can’t help thinking it looks negative for America. Most conservatives believe than a homeless person in this country had a choice. We think it’s a combination of bad decisions that put that person on the street. When a successful corporation goes bust like Enron, we think it’s a lot of bad decisions that caused that. When historians look at empires that failed, it’s easy in hindsight to see what went wrong. 

It sure seems to me that our elected officials can make bad decisions over time that will result in this country being in serious trouble. The lack of confidence that polls show the American people have in our president and our congress suggests that we are thinking the Phil Gramm’s have not been doing the best for our future. 

It’s seems inappropriate for the very people who have and still are making bad decisions to lecture us to accept the mess they have put us in and buck up.

I, for one have no intention of letting those in authority to go unchallenged any more. To Phil Gramm and all the Phil Gramm’s in Washington, I say there is something called accountability. If you are a politician or a professor or a rich liberal born to the Lucky Sperm Club, you wouldn’t understand this term. But, to any of us who have held an honest job, we know it very well. It’s time for all of us to stop accepting the bad decisions being made in Washington and start pointing them out and telling those who are making them we’ve had enough. 

If we don’t stop accepting what comes out of their fantasy world of unreality and forcing them to live in our real world, our real world will be a lesser place to live. I can’t see where hardship, loss of freedom to travel, loss of the right to live in a nice house, reduced incentive to work hard and prosper is better than what we have and hoped to have for our children and grandchildren.

Bringing accountability to Washington is needed and Phil Gramm epitomizes what’s wrong in politics today. This idea that you will accept our bad judgment and like it must stop. 

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