Irreconcilable Differences

July/02/2008 14:56PM
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Dear Senator McCain:

I find myself writing to you far too often these days. I really want you to win the election in November. I believe you are a fine man and true to your country and principles. Perhaps, you will read my mail and take some of my advice. It is truly well intentioned. 

The Democratic party has a serious problem. They have had the support of the unions and working people for all of my lifetime. The democrats in office and running for office are not working people, they are very rich people who say the right things to the working people. Think Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Nancy Pelosi. All multi-millionaires. They have a brand that says we are for the working people. For the first time in my lifetime they have a serious disconnect. Their position on energy is inconsistent with their brand. The working people don’t sit around and worry about global warming and the spotted owl. This is the work of the rabid environmentalists that the Democrats have courted. By aligning with this group the Democrats have made themselves vulnerable to the house brand Democrat.

So, Senator, here’s the deal. You want to win the election, drop the trips to Columbia to highlight free trade, stop the challenges to Obama’s patriotism, and get a focus. Focus on the tight connections between energy, jobs, and the economy. Tell the working man the democrats have sold them down the river for the environmental vote. Remind them of the cost to fill the tank, what they are facing this winter in heating bills, and electrical bills. Show how many jobs have been lost since the oil price rise. Tell them how many more will be lost if we follow the path the Democrats have set. Explain how many new jobs you will create by drilling offshore, in ANWR, with new nuclear power plants, new clean coal power plants, coal gasification, and shale and tar sand extraction. Label the Democrats as the "do nothing party". Don’t drill, don’t build anything that might give off a puff of smoke or disturb a little bird. Remind the voter that the Dems will raise prices with cap and trade, etc. 

Take all of Obama’s blue collar votes. Leave him with the minority vote, the welfare vote, and the environmental vote. Of course, he has the elitist vote sewn up.  

If you do this and do it well, you might even get a few right wingers back. You will have to change your position on ANWR and cap and trade. But, if you don’t, you won’t get my vote or most of the other Republicans I talk to.  

As it stands, your current strategy to run as a Blue Dog Democrat running against a Socialist, you have no chance as the polls show. Getting Hillary’s supporters will cost you a like amount of Republican votes. 

Jump on this and stay on message between now and November. Obama has no response.   

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