Federal Emergency Energy Program

July/08/2008 1:53AM
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Let’s put a name on it. What this country needs is the Federal Emergency Energy Program. What is it and how would it work?

It would declare that we have an energy emergency in this country. If we don’t act, our national security and future is at risk. All of that is true.

It would define what actions are needed to deal with the emergency. First, we announce that the U.S. will take absolutely no action regarding cap and trade. While we acknowledge that man is not doing the environment any favors, we will do more research on the science behind global warming before we accept the current science. Second, we will announce to the world and our energy suppliers that we plan to be energy independent by 2015. We will announce government financing for the following. First, coal liquefaction projects everywhere. Coal is the biggest hope we have for independence, and we need to announce that we know that, and we will pursue it with vigor. The Federal Government will suspend all state’s rights to block listed energy programs. Those include offshore everywhere, nuclear, ANWR, pipelines, shale, tar sands, solar, wind, and any othe viable sources of energy. Permits will be fast tracked with a group that will oversee environmental governance. 

Annual goals will be set and published. Bids will be let for any projects on government land in year one. No bureaucracy. Environmental groups will have specified places to protest any and all projects, but no lawsuits intended to block projects will be entertained. 

A Federal education project will be introduced that will tell Americans the truth about our situation. It will verify the scientific flaws in global warming. It will spell out our precarious postion if we had to go to war with no energy. It will define what would happen if the Straits of Hormuz were to be blocked for any period of time. It will explain the impact of energy on the economy and jobs. It will explain that the future of this country depends on moving and moving fast to fix our past sins.

The number of new jobs expected from this all out effort will be defined. The boost to our economy will be defined. The truth will be told for the first time in 30 years about our future if we don’t do this.

Obama wants to talk about change. This is the change we must have if we are survive as a country. Both Obama and McCain say they want to work across the aisle. This would require that. They are both lying right now, but this might take some of the politics away that have caused our energy gridlock. 

This isn’t to reduce your gas price this summer. This is to secure some semblance of a future for your kids and grandkids. If you don’t buy into a major change of this nature, their future is bleak.

Think about it. More years of debate and inactivity will put us in a spot where we can’t recover. If you want to risk that, rock along with the current program. If not, try this version of change. At least I can define it, that’s more than you get from Obama. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    This is a great idea and is similar to my letter to over a dozen state Governors, News Paper Editors and the President to declare our current energy situation as a “National Disaster”. As usual, I received no responses, except for our local South Town Economist, who printed my letter a few weeks ago.

    The President has the power and authority to declare National Disasters and should do so and use your suggestions to implement immediately.

    We can not continue to debate, as nothing will get done. It will take the President to take the bull by the horns and move swiftly and with out reservation to save our county and our way of life.

    Perhaps Newt should take this on along with his efforts to Drill Now.

  2. bill robertson says:

    Keep it up. 47% of us agree with you.Soon that will be 67%. When it’s 77% we will have new legislators. Then, just maybe, we can stop the debating and get on with the job at hand.

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