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July/23/2008 4:39AM
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Follow the money trail. You buy gas from Citgo and it goes to Chavez. He spends it with Russia to buy weapons of mass destruction. The Russians then invest it back in the United States. 

If you are buying Reverend Al Gore’s lunacy about all electric power in ten years in America coming from non fossil fuel options, you are probably OK with this. Remember the right reverend Al has made over $100 million peddling this nonsense all over the world. Follow the money. He motives are clear to me. The more he sells this crap, the more money he makes. The more money he makes, the more the U.S. suffers. Every expert in the U.S. is going on record saying there is no way we can do what Al suggests. It would destroy our county. It continues to freeze efforts to build nuclear power plants, drill for oil, build the pipeline from Alaska to bring much needed natural gas to the lower 48. Denmark has been trying this for several years and they are throwing in the towel. Why, the windmills operate at 18% capacity and the sun doesns’t shine at night and on cloudy days. Simply, it doesn’t work.

Why would Chavez spend billions on weapons from Russia when the county is so poor. Power, that’s why.

Why does Al Gore make speeches all over the world suggesting things that can’t be done. Money which translates to power. 

Congress would rather have you spend money that goes directly to Chavez than use our own oil and gas. He has plans for all those arms. Which is more dangerous to you and your grandchildren, oil rigs offshore, oil wells in ANWR, and nuclear power plants, or Hugo with all those weapons pointed as us from Central America?

 Some percentage of every dollar you spend with Citgo goes directly to guns and more dangerous weapons for Hugo. If you are a Citgo customer, think twice.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    This is an easy one for me, as I have worked for Amoco and Bp for over 33 years and have always been a loyal employee and customer and have never gone to another station to fill up, unless I was in a location where they had no sights.

    I use to have a CITGO station right outside of my subdivision, which is probably a strong Par 5 from my house and would always drive by it another 4 miles to Bp to fill up. Perhaps not as convenient, but screw Hugo and most of the illegal aliens who have owned it on different occasions. They are now out of business and don’t care.

    Anyone who goes to CITGO should understand this money goes to Hugo and he is the guy who continues to threaten us with holding back the oil from the US. He can stick his Oil up his ass and kiss mine……

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    You are a good man, Ken. Millions of Americans don’t understand the Hugo connection. Shame of the media.


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