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June/01/2008 15:31PM
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Why have the elitists taken over our country?

First, who and what is an elitist? They comprise the majority of the politicians, democrat and republican, national and local, and all the employees of the governments. They are most of the media. They are almost all of the professors and teachers. They are the union leaders. They are Hollywood. They are the avid environmentalist. Some exceptions here. True environmentalists who have little if any carbon footprints excluded. They are the ultra rich like Gates and Buffet.

They believe the rest of us are stupid and incapable of taking care of ourselves or running anything. Basically, we non-elitists are the ones who have contributed the most to the GDP, the ones who pay the most taxes, the ones who have been too busy making things happen to care about politics. We thought we hired people to do that for us. We were wrong. We paid the bills but they work for the elitists, not us. They think we will continue on our apathetic path and let them take our tax dollars and spend them for the benefit of elitist causes. Those causes aren’t working and the failure of this system is the reason all of us are worried and disgusted with the direction of our country. 

There is a very good chance the epitome of an elitist, Obama may be our next president. 

All of you who have taken the position that you can avoid involvement in politics, take heed. You can’t. I am one of you. As a business executive I had a Government and Public Relations Group to do this for me. We had a PAC and I made my contributions through that. When we needed to lobby, I wrote the letters that G&PR drafted or made the phone calls or even a visit to Washington or the state capitol. It was done for me. I had leadership work to do that was clearly spelled out for me in goals and objectives. This is called accountability. Elitists don’t understand accountability. Media must have a goal to go out of business, since that’s where they are headed. Professors, goals, are you kidding me. Tenure, that’s the goal. Government workers, goals, no way. Politicians, goals, get reelected. See a pattern here? Gates and Buffet, goals, give away money.

These people have stolen the country from those of us who made it what it is. The shift worker who has to produce so many widgets every day. The marine in Iraq who has to take a hostile city. The salesman who has an quota. The fireman who has to risk his life to save others. My daughter who has to get five kids off to school every day, feed them, make sure they do their homework and get them to five different sports events every Saturday and Sunday. The business executive who has to get hundreds or thousands of employees to buy into their goals so he or she can succeed. Every one of us who has ever had to get a job done, we need to take on a new challenge.

Our country is circling the drain. The elitists who want bigger government paid for by more taxes and spent on waste and bureaucracy that doesn’t work, want to ratchet up this failed plan. No better example than Michigan. The state is in serious trouble and the solution for the elitist governor is to raise taxes. Dingell, the congressman from Michigan actually endorsed the cap and trade idea before he came to his senses and backed off. Unemployment is the highest in the nation. People are leaving in droves. Schools are failing. The Detroit sickness is spreading to the rest of the state. Businesses are leaving as their taxes are raised and the unions ask for more and more. Bob Thompson who was a customer of mine tried to give the city of Detroit $200 million dollars to build magnet schools and was turned down because the unions didn’t like it. Why? These schools would have shown that education can work in Detroit and some teachers who don’t care might have been embarrassed. Suddenly, there might have been accountability. No.  This is what the elitists want for the country. This model.

So, here’s the deal. You and I have to go back to work and do it right this time. We have to make life absolutely miserable for every elected official in this country who is working for the elitists. We have to engage our families, our friends, our neighbors, and anyone else who will listen. We have to assess every candidate to see if they are shooting straight and work to get them out if they aren’t. We have to tell the Republican Party to shape McCain up or no vote. We have to insist on better than McCain next time. We have to tell the elected officials about customer focus. We are the customers and we expect them to give us what we want, not what the special interests want, not what lines the pockets of the elected officials, not what that swing vote wants, and not what their elitist friends who all think we are stupid want. 

You spent more time buying your last car than you have making you wishes known to your candidates. Step it up. I have and I will step it up more. It’s my grandchildren that are at stake.   

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Comments (3)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Bill this is a very good letter to John M. Please send it to him and the NRP.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Thanks Tom. I just saw McCain make a key speech and it was bad. He’s going to need lots of help.


  3. Greetings all members,

    I would just like to say hello and let you know that I’m happy to be a member – been a lurker long enough 🙂

    Hope to contribute some and gain some knowledge along the way….

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