This Land is Your Land, this land is my land….

June/13/2008 0:42AM
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No, it isn’t yours or mine. It has been sold to special interest groups and certain geographical areas. It’s not ours anymore. We pay the rent, but we don’t own it. 

If we owned it, you and I, we would not let our resources go unused. If utilizing every form of domestic energy were put to a popular vote, it would pass by an overwhelming majority. So, who would vote against it? Not working people who can’t afford gasoline now. Not those of us who are worried about the future of our kids and grandkids. Not poor people who can’t afford to heat homes and apartments. Not business people who are losing their businesses because of high energy prices. Not the state of Michigan where the economy is in the tank and going deeper due to gas prices. Not the farmer.

Who did Washington sell our country to? First, each other. They believe they own it and we don’t need to do anything but pay rent. Next, the media. Their business is to tell Washington what to do and they have spoken. Maybe they really own the country, they just let Washington believe congress does. Elitist environmentalists, who get everything they want, may not own the country but they sit on the board. They speak and Washington listens. Finally, the states of New York and California. They have board seats too.

Right now the people who own the country are more dangerous than ever before. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, and all their left wing friends will raise our rent and destroy our little piece of earth.

I got my daily e-mail from Senator McCain today. He is trying something new, asking for imput. He lists 11 items for you to rate as your top issues. Energy was not one. This man is so in touch with the people, isn’t he? Global warming was listed, however. If I had to choose between McCain and Nader it might be tough.

If you think you should own a little piece of this land, you had better speak up. Otherwise, it won’t be worth owning in a few years.

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