My Profound Thanks to Senator Obama

June/10/2008 3:34AM
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Dear Senator Obama:

I am ever so grateful that you want to send me and every other American a hear felt $1000 to help offset what you and the rest of congress has done to me and my country. This will go ever so far to help me with $5.50 a gallon gasoline this summer. When my electric bills double thanks to you, I will put this money against that too. When my gas bills double this winter, I will apply whatever balance I have left to that. Will you be sending a check for $1,000 to Vice President Gore as well? Since you are so firmly convinced that Al is on the right track, I’m sure you will be thinking of him in the time of economic disaster. Believe me, I will.

But, senator, I have a small problem. Other costs have gone up as well. Food, air tickets, paint, carpeting, chemicals, and other items that depend on hydrocarbons have all sky-rocketed. I know you plan to fly planes on solar power and wind. No, I guess you can’t. Are you going to get us all the products that flow from oil somewhere else? Where I might ask? You and your friends have stopped the building of two major refinery upgrades to handle Canadian tar sand oil, BP at Whiting, Ind. and Conoco at Wood River, Ill. Oh, both of those were to supply your home state, eh senator. I happen to live in that state and I don’t think your cheesy $1,000 will cover the decision on these refineries down the road. That may take another $10,000. Put that in the mail with the check for the $1,000. Illinois is a major coal state. You have put a lot of miners out of work with your distaste for coal and the power plants that were going to be built before you got into the act. I’ll need some money for that also Senator. 

Let’s see. You are against offshore drilling. I’ll need a check for that too. And ANWR, that’s going to need some cash. Shale in Wyoming, need some money for that too. My stocks are going to be worth a lot less due to your environmental stance and the damage oil has done to them. I’ll give you a number for that too. Coal in Montana that could produce liquid fuels for years to come. Another check. Oh, yes you plan to raise my taxes. Need some pay back for that. With 5.5% out of work now and probably that total going up to 10-15% in the next year, I’ll have to step up my charitable contributions. 

Here’s the deal, Senator. While I appreciate the idea that you want to send me a check for $1,000 to offset what you and the other big regulators have done to set us back 20 years on energy and your personal platform to step up that pain, it falls a little short.

If you will just raise that to $1,000,000, I’ll join you Al Gore and the Sierra Club and buy into your plans. Make sure you send one to every one of your democratic friends since most of them will be out of work with no more blue collar jobs and will need it even more. Once we all get our checks we can buy Asian stocks and pay for the mistakes of Washington. It will take about that much with some nice appreciation and dividends from the Asian stock to get us through the next 10 years of the energy depression. 

Your humble servant,

Bill Robertson

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Comments (3)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Now that Obama is starting to reveal his energy plans to all of America and how he plans to implement the Jimmy Carter failed Windfall Profits Tax on Oil Companies, we know now he has no plan that will increase energy production. Obama, Durbin and the rest of the Liberals plan is basically the same plan as Robin Hood’s.

    Their only plans are to Steel from the rich and give to the poor. Their plan is to basically define what reasonable profits are and limit company profits and take the rest for themselves. With that being known, how many companies are we going to see investing in their businesses to grow? Where is the incentive to produce more?

    If we do this with the Oil Companies, what industry is next? Where does it stop?
    First of all, I can not see it happening, but if it does, those of us with these stocks in our portfolios will quickly get out of them, which will certainly insure Drill Here, Drill Now and Pay less a thing of the past, which is exactly what they want.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Thanks to folks like you the tide is beginning to turn a bit. The windfall profits tax went down in flames no thanks to Durbin and his boys. The public is not buying the bunko game out of Washington. If McCain had been smart enough he could have been riding this tailwind. As it is, Bob Barr is getting lots of air time.

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