Memo to Rabid Environmentalists

June/20/2008 0:29AM
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Dear Rabid Environmentalist:

This is America, you have a right to your opinion. If you are a true environmentalist like my nephew Matt, I respect you and your opinion. I understand fully. If you are like Ed Begley Jr. and have lived your life with a carbon footprint smaller than a street person, I understand and I respect.

If you are a celebrity, politician, media person, or Hollywood star, no respect. If you live in Manhattan and are an elitist and this is cocktail conversation, no respect. If you are a soccer mom and have been brainwashed by your neighbors, I’m really sorry, but no respect. If you live anywhere near San Francisco, no respect. Unless you are a policeman, fireman, or average Joe who is being personally ruined by your neighbors’ insistence on destroying our future.

To you true environmentalists, there are millions of acres of unsullied land in this country for you to visit and enjoy. Please do so as often as you can. But, you don’t have the right to deprive my grandchildren of the opportunity to enjoy it too. If we stay on our current path, their ability to travel around our great country will be severely limited. I resent that. Their ability to visit the other wonderful environmental treasures in this world will be nil. I resent that more.

To the rest of you mentioned above, please move. Move to any country in Europe where others like you are further along in destroying their economies with their version of cap and trade that you cherish so much. Get yourself a Smart Car and a 1,200 square foot mansion and keep a wary eye on your Muslim neighbors who want to blow your ass into tomorrow. You envy their lifestyle so much, be a part of it. Go there and be happy, don’t bring what they have here. But, if it’s France, be prepared to live near a nuclear power plant since they get 80% of their power from that detestable source you hate so much. Scary, eh? Or, if it’s Norway, don’t buy near the coast. They have been doing offshore drilling for years. It’s their main economy. Maybe you can employ your penchant for influencing politicians and get them to stop these deplorable practices. It will give you something to do and maintain you status as a hypocritical moron. Ramp up your carbon footprint over there and that will free up a lot of energy for us back here in the U.S.

Why change us. Just go somewhere to be happy. Go soon. I have very bad news for you. Mainstream America is done with you. The truth of what you have done to this country is slowly emerging. You will be targeted as a pariah. If you are a politician, you won’t be for long. If you are on TV, be prepared to be off. If you are a big star, get ready to see you star blink out. It won’t be stylish or cleaver much longer to be in your camp. You have destroyed the lives and futures of too many people and there will be a price to pay for that. 

Pay backs are hell and you will be getting yours. As the groundswell of anger for what you have done crests, moving might be better than staying here and living with the stigma of involvement. You have screwed us over bad. You have put us in a hole that we may or may not get out of. But, while we are trying, stay down and keep a low profile.

Take a lead from Al Gore. He won’t be living in Tennessee much longer. The good people of that state are already suspicious of what he has done. He will be seeking a new residence in New York or San Francisco. Soon. Hope he can sell that house in Tennessee.  

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom T. says:

    You are a genuine idiot if you think trashing our enviroment is the way to provide a better future for your grandchildren. The way we are living now is altering the global climate, depleting the oceans of life, eliminating the remaining rainforests, and launching the biggest mass extinction in sixty-five million years. Each of us is part of the biosphere. Every time you take a breath your life depends on the combined metabolic activitiy of millions of species. Scapegoating environmentalists is not an answer, it is an excuse. And by the way, I live near San Francisco and I deserve respect.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Hi Tom:

    Thanks for your comments. Obviously, only one of us is right and we could never agree. If any progress is trashing the environment, they I guess that’s what I’m suggesting. I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time there. The area where you live will be the first to prove or disprove who’s right. If I’m right, you will destroy the economy there before we do all over the country. Just don’t ask the rest of the country to participate in your experiment.By the way, Tom, try flying somewhere now.


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