Going, Going, …………….Gone

June/30/2008 14:15PM
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Some of my retired and soon to be retired friends better wake up. You may be going back to work. Not as some high powered honcho like you once were but in some menial hourly job. If you can find one, that is. At your age you might not be able to outwork that illegal who applied. He’s got a family to feed. With six kids and one on the way, he’s more motivated. 

First your house. Then your car. Now that big IRA and portfolio you count on to pay for your standard of living. It’s all going down like a broken elevator. You think you are OK, it will stop, it always does. But, prices are going in the opposite direction. Just as fast. Jobs are going away. 

You think you are bullet proof? Social security may keep paying, but for how long? When your investment portfolio is worth half what it was at the beginning of this year and everything costs twice as much can you keep up? How about another half and another twice as much?

If you think you can still make it work, how about your kids? Were they stretched to the max? How do they pay the bills. Will the job or jobs hold out?

This is not going to get better for a long, long time. The fundamentals are not good. More airlines are going to go down. You won’t be able to fly anywhere for a reasonable price. Gas prices will be $7 a gallon soon. Utility bills will be double. Retailers will go broke in record numbers. The dollar will keep falling. Banks will go down. 

You’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. It’s the price of bad government and us buying into ideas that put us where we are. Wait until you get that first $800 natural gas bill this winter. Wait until you get that first $800 electrical bill.

If you haven’t adjusted that portfolio for the future you better get with it. 

We have painted ourselves into  corner as a country and neither candidate for president can walk on paint. It’s going to be a mess. You are starting to get discouraged and mad and the rest of the country is on the same page. Just prepare yourself to get more discouraged and madder as everything you worked so hard for goes in the wrong direction. Poof, the American Dream shrinks and teeters.

You can’t afford to fly anywhere. Or, if you can you can’t find an airline that flies where you want to go anymore. 

This is exactly what the environmentalists and the elitists had in mind for you all along. It’s right on plan. Your lifestyle has become a piece of crap and that makes them happy.

This is turnaround management at it’s best and there are no turnaround experts in Washington. Those of us who are close to the energy business have seen this coming for 30 years. It’s always been the blame game and illogical spinning to the public. Now, it’s the speculators and big oil. Someone always has to take the fall. Not the spinners.

Get yourself grounded to the idea that we are going to live with this for a long time. Until we get new leaders who care about fixing our problems they won’t get fixed. Few are on the horizon.

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