Civil Unrest on the Horizon?

June/08/2008 2:23AM
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I’ve seen ugly in this country in my lifetime and I sincerely believe I’m about to see it again. I was moving to Detroit in 1967 when the riots broke out. There was a curfew. My office was at 8 Mile Road and the John Lodge and that was just on the outer edge of the shooting and burning. Several  of our retail outlets were burned to the ground. The problems were not isolated to Detroit. 

The same anger and frustration is building again. This time it runs across all lines, political, racial, and socioeconomic. The majority is mad at Washington. They are totally out of touch with the problems that are creating this anger.

People are hurting. The economy is going south fast. Washington is busy with a problem that may or may not be a problem (global warming), but they will certainly send the economy further south by ignoring the root causes of that(no energy strategy) or by making it worse with cap and trade. Do the environmentalists have total control of Washington? Are they 2% as so often reported. How do 2% of the public exert so much influence? Bill O’Reilly says 51% of the public now blame congress for the high gas prices and 13% blame Big Oil. O’Reilly is with the 13% which confirms my earlier entry that he is a true moron. So 51% of a big poll says our elected officials are the reason for high energy prices, but that’s still not enough to cause anyone in Washington concern. The state of Alaska is suing the Federal Government for the polar bear issue. The area where the oil is in Alaska is smaller than the area of Los Angeles International Airport and 700 miles from nowhere. The Chinese are drilling 50 miles from Key West. None of this makes any impact in Washington, but it is making an impact in most of America.  

Both presidential candidates are in favor of the cap and trade to add $1.50 to your gas price. Two true morons. 

It isn’t going to go much further before people are going to get really mad.

I advocate political involvement, not anger. We need to take our country back from the minority who have it now. Not by political party but by policy preference. Democrats and Republicans alike want elected officials who represent their wishes, not what we have now. Our system of government is broken. Hopefully, we can fix it without ugly. But, if Washington doesn’t wake up and realize what a 15% approval rating really means, it will get ugly. People have had enough.

So your part. Inundate your elected officials with mail. Tell them you are unhappy and why. Tell them about your friends, family, and neighbors who are unhappy and why. Don’t give them money or support if they want to stay the course. Be active, get moving. We don’t want ugly, believe me. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Political involvement and sending letters is great, but so far, I don’t see much in terms of change and our two Liberal Presidential Candidates rhetoric remains the same. They are more concerned about the environment and doing nothing that will give me confidence concerning our Energy Situation, which is my primary concern.

    Congress has yet to raise the Oil Issue up to a level that says and recognizes we are in trouble and need to take action now. I see no legislation being enacted that will allow us to take advantage of our natural resources to reduce our dependence on foreign energy producers who are holding us hostage and bankrupting our country.

    We did not become the United States by being Politically Correct or sending letters to the British House of Lords, it took a good old fashion revolt and I think we may need some civil disobedience to get someone’s attention to listen to what we are saying and that we mean business.

    In the mean time, I’ll do as you suggest and will continue sending my daily letters, but at some point, I think civil unrest is just around the corner.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    I am encouraged by the failure of cap and trade to move forward in the senate. I really thought it would. When gasoline hits $5 plus in a few weeks, it will get worse. When unemployment, the dollar, the stock market, and all measures of the economy get worse, the approval rating will drop further. I guess when it hits zero, we all vote for Bob Barr.

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