Biggest Tax Increase in U.S. History

June/02/2008 18:49PM
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. If it comes right out of your pocket with no consideration and goes into the government treasury for their pet causes, it must be a tax. But, we can call it something else and you voters won’t catch on. We’ll call it cap and trade. We’ll never admit it’s a tax increase. We’ll make you believe it’s your duty to give us money to clean up the planet. Seventy four senators voted in favor of it yesterday. A sure Bush veto may keep it from passing this year, but it will pass in 2009 regardless of who is the new president. 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse congress is rolling up their sleeves to make it worse. Are they working on eliminating restrictions they initiated that lock in untapped domestic energy sources to ease prices and get the economy back on track? No, they are working their little hearts out to make it worse. 

Under the guise of cap and trade, isn’t that cute, cap and trade, they are deciding how much to hose you and who gets your money. Lieberman and Warner, remember those names, are sponsoring this debacle. Not one vote should ever be cast for either one of these gentlemen. They are trying to put the screws to an already ailing nation. Get this, congress has already decided how to spend the money they plan to take from you. They expect this to be $3.32 trillion by 2050. This money would go John Kerry to help the lobsters. Indian tribes would get a chunk. And states that take the lead on going green, like California would get paid for their good behavior. There is money for green jobs, whatever they are. And billions for wildlife adaptation–hmmmm.

If you really want to know what this is, I’ll explain it. In language you will never hear from Lieberman. Remember, he and McCain carry each other’s pictures in their wallets.Here’s how it works.  Any enterprise in this country that exceeds the carbon cap for that area will have to buy carbon credits to operate. This includes office buildings, apartments, shopping centers, and any production operation that emits carbon dioxide. If you need a credit, you give the government money and the government gives it back to whomever they choose. Where does the money come from, you, of course. It gets passed through to you as a consumer.  Who gets your money, not you. The same lame causes that get your tax dollars today. Special interests, pork(or lobsters), more government workers, citizens who are entitled(deadbeats), and waste. It adds to the 35% corporate rate which is 2nd highest in the world.

Gee, if Europe is doing this and it’s not working why would we do it? Simple, it gives government more control over us. Under the guise of global warming, we give up our future to the elected officials who want more and more control over our lives. If congress wants to emulate Europe, why aren’t more of us moving there. Maybe if more of our congressmen moved there it would solve everything. 

So, what is the goal of Washington? Are they there to solve problems or compound them so they can get greater power and make more decisions for us?

Maybe a few are there to solve problems, but the vast majority are there to gain power and control. When socialism and communism failed they renamed it global warming. The system and ideology are the same, the labels are more acceptable.

If we let cap and trade happen shame on us.  It will add $1.50 a gallon to our gasoline price. It will double our electric bill. Who are your elected officials working for? Feeling a little disenfranchised?

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