America–Land of Influence Peddlers

June/18/2008 19:44PM
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First, let’s begin with my favorite influence peddler, the dishonorable ex-Vice-President– the esteemed reverend Al Gore. T.V. evangelists take heed, you can learn from Rev. Al. No one person has done more to set this nation on the wrong path from an energy standpoint than Rev. Al. You can forgive a person if they are a true believer and want the best for the country and it’s people. Remember when the media outed Rev. Al for his house in Tennessee and his huge carbon footprint? Rev. Al set about to fix this problem. He added solar panels, installed a geothermal system, and went to those great mercury belching new light bulbs. Pretty impressive, right? Wrong. Al’s house now devours 17,768 kWh per month average, up 1,638 kWh than before the big green movement. This total would power 232 new U.S. homes for a month. 

Why does Rev. Al want to destroy this country. Money, that’s why. Big Al’s personal wealth has increased $100 million since he invented global warming. He isn’t the first guy to sell his county out for money. So, Al’s in pretty good shape if we have energy inflation, the airlines die, millions of jobs go away, and millions of hard working Americans go broke. He’s covered. His lifestyle, like his carbon footprint, will be big regardless of the consequences. 

What will it cost us? No progress on any energy front has already cost plenty, and will continue to cost more, even though others are trying stem the tide of the damage Rev. Al did. So, it’s not about the environment with Al, since he doesn’t walk the walk, but it’s about money. Surprise you that’s he’s a hypocrite?

Next, my choice is Mr. Fair and Balanced, Mr. Bill O’reilly. For two years this empty talking head has been railing at Big Oil for driving up the price of gasoline. Now that more and more facts have come out and most media people, some politicians, and the majority of Americans have given this up, has O’reilly? No, last night he once again discarded all theories except the one he clings to and will try to feed to his viewers forever.Why? To do otherwise,  Mr. O’reilly would have to admit he was wrong. Can’t happen. If Mr. O’reilly can’t work through this issue with all the help he’s been given, why would you trust him to give you good information about anything? Putting this crap out as truth has helped put us 30 years behind where we need to be on energy and, still today, miscreants like O’reilly are  putting it out. I put O’reilly in the same camp as Rev. Al. Boycott his show.

Lobbyists, labor unions, the media, and people seeking personal gain have taken over our country. Finally, in the last month it appears people like you and I are beginning to say,” enough”. The Queen Mary is making a turn, ever so slowly. McCain has turned a bit. Congress has turned a bit. Bush, who is more unpopular than sexually transmitted diseases is even going to say something about energy tonight, albeit seven years too late. It’s beginning to change, not Obama’s form of change, which is to convert all your assets to pocket change, but real and meaningful change.

It saddens me that McCain doesn’t get it. He could run away with this election and put the party back in the majority, but he just wants to stick his toe in the water. Senator, just hammer all the options for domestic energy production. Drop your allegiance to Gore and his hair brained idea about global warming. Tie jobs to the economy and to energy independence. Tie the dollar to energy independence. You can’t lose. And, you will bring a lot of good republican candidates along with you. 

Someone please, sit Senator McCain down and talk some more sense to him. Poll what happened this week with his first step. Step it up. Admit you were wrong about ANWR and global warming. Hit the Obama people where thay can’t hit back. Talk to sheriff Joe while you are at it. He’s right there in your home state. Get his program on illegal aliens. Use it.    

People who care about this country and the future of more than our net worth have to out-shout the droolers like Gore, O’reilly, and Obama who are in it for themselves and will destroy the future for our grandchildren. There are more of us and we can be heard. Get with it. 



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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    You are so right about Bill O’Reilly. Although I watch the Fair and Balanced FOX news, O’Reilly is driving me crazy every time he goes on with is tirades about Big Oil. I would like nothing more than seeing someone just hall off and kick his ass and shut his Liberal mouth.

    Despite his ranting, Drill Now is finally starting to get some traction and there is hope, thanks to your blog and Newt’s efforts.

    Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods, because now the Liberals are suggesting nationalizing the Refinery’s. I just can’t believe just how stupid these people are and explains why we are in a free fall in this country. I guess if they take over the Refinery’s, they will have to investigate and go after some other industry.

    Wake up People, get pissed off and say NO.

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